St. Mary's 2023 Grand Annual

St. Mary's 2023 Grand Annual is here. This annual appeal supports not only our operating expenses but also our building maintenance and repair. This year, we hope to replace the windows at the rectory which are over thirty years old. The expected cost is approximately $75,000. The Sacred Heart Hall floor needs to be professionally cleaned. If funding permits, we would like to replace the carpet in the sanctuary of the main church.

Will you consider a special gift of $500 or more? This year we are asking you to consider a special gift of $500 or more. This will allow us to reach our Grand Annual goal $175,000. Those who are struggling should support to the best of their ability.

The Grand Annual Collection will be taken up three times this year as has been our tradition. Additional collections will be taken on the weekends of Nov 4/5 and Dec 2/3.

Please return the Grand Annual envelope dated Oct 1 indicating your total gift and first payment. You may place this envelope in the Sunday Collection or return it to the parish by mail.

We truly appreciate any assistance you can give and are counting on the many, who are able, to support this appeal.

Online Giving: stmaryfranklin/giving/funds