Prayer Wall

The St. Mary Prayer Wall was established by the late Father D. George Spagnolia during his time here at St. Mary Parish. It was created as a response to the absence of votive candles inside churches in the Archdiocese of Boston.

The St. Mary Prayer Wall is available to any and all people who visit St. Mary Church. People will find a basket of Prayer Wall Supplies (paper, pens and pins) located near the Prayer Wall. Everyone is welcome to write a prayer petition on a piece of paper with one of the pens provided and then pin it on the Prayer Wall.

The St. Mary Prayer Wall is cleared of its prayer petitions about once a month. People will notice that the Prayer Wall will have different colored paper each month. Sometimes the colors will reflect the Liturgical Season such as during Lent. Other times it will reflect a special parish event such as during July and August for the St. Rocco Festival. The colors can also reflect the time of year such as Autumn or Summer.

The St. Mary Prayer Wall is there for all parishioners and visitors to use.