Thank you … The St. Vincent de Paul Society expresses heartfelt thanks to the Parish of St. Mary and all who donated to the recent Walk for the Poor. Your generosity was overwhelming. All donations will be used to support those in need in Franklin.

St. Mary's Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Mission Statement

A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.

(SVdP USA, Approved April 14, 2018)

Volunteer: The St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVdP) is a volunteer, lay Catholic organization with a Conference at St. Mary Parish. Adult men and women, known as Vincentians,  help each other grow spiritually and live out the gospel values by helping neighbors in need in their community, regardless of religious affiliation. New volunteers are always welcome and receive a formal orientation and training.

Assistance: A person or family in need is encouraged to call SVdP (Assistance Letter).  Vincentians respond to the call and make arrangements for two SVdP members to make a home visit to determine how best the Conference can be of help. All information is kept confidential, and each person is treated with dignity.

Donation: SVdP Conference funding comes from donations. St. Mary Parish parishioners and parish groups, including the Knights of Columbus, have been very generous. Other funding sources include the Friends of the Poor Walk, a Christmas card donation program, and donations from local companies and organizations. Donations in memory of loved ones are also an appreciated source of funding for us. The Conference maintains a small non-perishable food pantry made possible by generous food donations from parishioners.

Please contact St. Vincent de Paul Society:

Year at a Glance: Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2021

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

Thank you to all the parishioners, the Knights of Columbus and all the other organizations for their support of SVDP by generously donating food and financial assistance so we could offer assistance to Franklin residents in need. Special thanks to Fathers Brian, Jack and Frank and Deacons Guy and Ron for spreading God’s message of the importance of helping others.

Our 38 members volunteered almost 5,500 hours meeting with families in need a total of 884 times, with 2,523 people helped. The impact of Covid - 19 has again required us to use procedures that keep Vincentians and the people we serve safe. We no longer made in home visits but worked in pairs meeting those seeking assistance in the lower church or over phone/zoom to thoroughly assess the need. Any financial assistance is paid directly to the provider of services and not to the person seeking assistance. Food deliveries are made to the front door entrance way.
Your support helped us:

  • Distribute 532 bags of donated food & 136 personal hygiene bags
  • Give out 75 Complimentary SVDP Thrift Store vouchers worth $4,000

Financially, your donations served families 577 times for a total of over $ 71,000

  • Housing assistance 49 times for $29,908
  • Caring Tree 102 families / 245 people with Gifts cards of $11,625
  • Easter Meal Food Cards 81 families for $8,850
  • Grocery store, Gas & Other gift cards 146 times for $6,850
  • Assist 16 families impacted by fires with food, gift cards, clothing vouchers and hotels
  • Utilities 30 times for $6,640
  • Automobile related assistance 11 times for $4,661
  • Other: Medical, Furniture, Tuition, Insurance, Veterans Day recognition

We continue to have strong relationships with other town organizations and businesses and gave families 292 referrals to town, state and federal agencies that might help them.

The most important members of this Ministry are each of you, our Contributing members, without whom we would not be able to serve. We thank you for your generosity, and want you to know your contributions are very appreciated by the people we serve.

Promoters of Hope, Apostles of Charity and Advocates of the Dignity of the human person