Baptismal Robes

The Baptismal Robe Ministry consists of several women who share in the preparation of each garment. It is the responsibility of this ministry to provide the necessary number of garments that will be needed each Sunday during the Sacrament of Baptism.

The preparation includes cutting out the fabric, attaching the white lace around the edge by machine, embroidering the Chi Ro symbol on the front in red cotton and hand sewing a red satin ribbon and a medal on each robe. Pressing is the final step. The completed garments are then kept in the sacristy until needed.

This ministry gives our volunteers the opportunity to share in the joy of each infant’s baptism.

When the child is presented before the priest for baptism, he or she wears the white garment created by the hands of volunteers.

The garment is given to the family as a remembrance of their child’s receiving their first sacrament, one of faith.

Then we have fulfilled our baptismal calling to serve the Church community.

At the present time, the Baptismal Robe Ministry has been able to meet the needs of our fast-growing parish family. We realize that in the near future, we may need to ask for additional volunteers.

For more information, please call the rectory at 508-528-0020.