Youth Formation

Dear Parents,

Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish. Our parish supports parents as the primary educators of their children. We take seriously the obligation to assist them in the Religious Education of their children. In our program, the goal of each lesson for each grade is “to teach as Jesus taught.” Jesus is at the heart of all catechesis. We encourage families to attend the Sunday Mass together. Faith formation takes place in the context of participation in the Sunday Mass. The experience of encountering Jesus at Mass is the most important aspect of faith that (a) parent(s) can give to their child(ren).

Attendance at the Celebration of Sunday Mass is one of the major signs of our identity as Catholics. Religious Education classes can never replace Sunday Mass. Participation in any other sort of enrichment activity which eliminates being able to attend and participate at Mass on a regular basis cannot replace the meaning and gift which you give your child(ren) for the rest of their lives by living out your commitment made at their Baptism. A faith which they can live will keep them safe and help them to flourish in the best of ways as they live life. The example of faith by parents, Sunday Mass and Religious Education are the three essential elements to helping your children become the very best version of themselves.

Attendance at any Mass is always appropriate. Our Saturday/Sunday Masses are all slightly different in style of celebration and you may discover one which more suits your spiritual needs. Our parish also is engaged in being the hands of Christ in service to others and invites everyone to service.

In Faith + Hope,
Fr. Brian

Goals of the Religious Education Program

To promote and encourage:

  • Proclamation of the Good News as revealed through Jesus Christ
  • Worship of God through private and liturgical prayer
  • Service to the Christian and entire world community
  • Parents in their role as primary catechists of their children