Child Abuse Prevention Team

Number of Team Members
3 members

St. Mary’s maintains a safe environment program which is connected to the Archdiocese of Boston’s Office for Child Advocacy Program. CAP teams provide training to support mandated and non-mandated reports in their parishes, provide guidance concerning reporting procedures, and act as liaisons from each parish to the Office for Child Advocacy.

Trained CAP Team members are Leo Racine, Karen Ackles and Barbara Brunelli.

Examples of activities or ministry’s work:

  • Provides VIRTUS (Protecting God’s Children) training in fall and as needed
  • Process and manage record keeping for CORI Authorization Forms and Code of Ministerial Behavior Forms

Child Abuse Prevention Resources


If you are a volunteer of any kind at St. Mary, you must submit a CORI authorization form ANNUALLY. Please download this year’s CORI form here and print it out. Alternatively, we can supply you with one at the rectory. You cannot mail this form in, nor scan it and email it to us, as your identity must be verified in person by a parish employee; we must send in forms with original signatures to the Archdiocese, as well. For more information, please contact pastoral associate, Leo Racine, at 508-528-0020 or

CORI Collection Weekends

Every fall, our parish has what is called “CORI Collection Weekends”. After all the Masses on these identified weekends, signed and completed CORI release forms are collected from parish volunteers, in fulfillment of Archdiocesan policies. If you are part of the leadership of a parish organization, belong to the St. Vincent de Paul Society or the finance or pastoral councils, coach one of our CYO basketball teams, teach religious education (CCD), volunteer as a pastoral visitor, or minister in some way at Mass, you are required to complete a CORI form on an annual basis.

We will have CORI forms available for you to complete and sign in the back of the Church after all Masses on the CORI weekends. Please remember to bring your driver’s license (or other form of government-issued ID) with you, as you will need this to complete the form. If you wish to print and complete a copy of the form ahead of time, please click here. Bring your completed form to Mass on the identified weekend and have your signature verified (driver’s license or other form of government-issued ID needed).

Archdiocesan Policies

All volunteers must be provided with copies of the Archdiocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policy; signatures are not required. Copies of the Code and Policy will be emailed or given directly to all volunteers. You may also download the current Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policy and review them before beginning your service as a volunteer. For more information, please contact pastoral associate, Leo Racine, at 508-528-0020 or

Protecting God’s Children (VIRTUS)

All non-exempt volunteers must attend a three-hour workshop that teaches them how to help create a safe environment in our parish for children and vulnerable adults. (Exempt volunteers will be informed of this status.) A record of attendance is kept by the Archdiocese of Boston and the workshop does NOT need to be repeated. To sign up for a workshop at St. Mary’s or at another place in the Archdiocese, click here to go to the VIRTUS website and then click on the box entitled “FIRST-TIME REGISTRANT.” To find a workshop that meets your schedule, follow the prompts and sign up. Your organization is “Boston, MA (Archdiocese).” You may also contact pastoral associate, Leo Racine, at 508-528-0020 or for more information.