Bereavement Ministry & The Journey of Healing Support Group

Meeting Times
As needed
usually 2 meetings per year
Meeting Location
Sacred Heart Hall
Number of Members

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Minister offers support and compassion to the bereaved and assists them in selecting the scriptures, music, and family/friend participation in the liturgy of the Mass.

The Bereavement Minister offers follow-up support to the bereaved after the funeral by making telephone, card, and personal contact as appropriate.

The Bereavement Ministry organizes and plans the annual Mass of Remembrance in early November and selects family/friends who have lost someone during the year to participate.

Examples of activities or ministry’s work:

An individual minister meets with the family who has suffered the loss of a loved one to offer comfort and support them in selection of the readings, music, and family/friend participation in the funeral liturgy. The minister provides follow-up support after the funeral by telephone, card, and personal contact when appropriate.

Time commitment for a member:

1-2 hours average per bereavement. The ministry does approximately 110 bereavements per year. Individual ministers do 5-15 bereavements each, depending on the minister’s availability. The coordinator should be able to reach the minister to leave a message between 8 AM and 8 PM, 7 days per week, unless notified of unavailability for a period. The minister should usually be able to return the call within 4 hours and to meet with the family within 24 hours of receiving a call.

Who is eligible to join:

The Ministry is open to all compassionate St. Mary’s parishioners.


St. Mary's rectory at 508-528-0020

The Journey of Healing Support Group

Meeting Times
This 7-week group runs twice a year in the fall and spring and meets Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00pm

The Journey of Healing Support Group is a 7-week program for people coping with the loss of a loved one or significant other. This is a peer group with facilitators who guide participants through the four tasks of mourning.

  1. To accept the reality of your loss.
  2. To experience the pain of grief.
  3. To adjust to an environment in which your loved one is missed.
  4. To emotionally relocate the deceased and move along with life.

Upcoming Session

The next Support Group begins October 23, 2019. Pre-registration is required. Please call Nan Rafter at 774-571-0092 to register.

Examples of activities or ministry's work:

Participants work through their grief by sharing and listening to others who have experienced a loss. Written articles on loss are provided. This program is free of charge.

Who is eligible to join:

Anyone experiencing a recent loss of a loved one/significant other