The priests and members of St. Mary's Parish offer you congratulations as you prepare for your marriage. Because marriage is a lifelong pledge of love and fidelity, we would like to offer some observations on the subject of marriage.

We believe that marriage is a holy union. On entering this union you do not merely exchange rights and duties, rather you give yourselves to each other in a total way. Each one takes on a new identity for the other. Your pledge of love is the sealing of a covenant before God. As the Lord selected Israel from the other nations to live a covenant relationship, so also you select each other, forsaking and excluding all others for the rest of your lives. Obviously, it requires maturity to enter such a relationship.

Marriage Preparation Classes

These classes are required for all couples. Marriage Preparation classes may be taken anywhere as long as they are provided by a Catholic Diocese or Archdiocese. You may contact the rectory for more information regarding local places and times or you may go online at (Offices and Services - Family Life Ministry - Marriage Ministries) for Boston Archdiocesan locations. All these programs require a registration fee.

Times for Marriages

On weekends, marriages can take place on Fridays between 5:30 and 6:30pm; Saturdays between 12:00 noon and 2:00pm or at 5:30pm; Sundays at 3:00pm.

Wedding Arrangements

Contact the church one year in advance of the wedding in order to book your wedding date. You will be completing initial paperwork at that time. Six months prior to your wedding you will need to send us your Baptismal and Confirmation records. You will also need to schedule an appointment to meet with the priest. We will contact you with a reminder.

You may wish to plan the liturgy for your wedding. This is acceptable, provided that your plans are in keeping with archdiocesan liturgical policy. We will give you a copy of “Together for Life,” the best available planning book for weddings in the Catholic Church. Also, if you have a relative or friend who is a priest/deacon and you would like him to officiate at the wedding, he is welcome to do so. As soon as you set the date, he, as a courtesy to the parish, must call and confirm his commitment.

We recommend that all Catholics involved in the wedding party receive the sacrament of Reconciliation prior to the day of the ceremony.


Please contact the music director, Terrance Kerr at 508-541-3286 or to arrange a music pre-consultation to take place three months before the wedding.

For most weddings the celebration is two-fold:

  1. The liturgical (Church) celebration of the sacrament.
  2. The festive wedding reception or banquet. Some music is appropriate for the wedding reception, other music is appropriate for the Church celebration. At St. Mary’s we follow the Archdiocesan policy that states that only approved Church music is to be used for the church celebration. Our Music Director will assist you in choosing the proper music for church.

We have many fine soloists available. These are our parish cantors or choir members. If you wish to have someone other than one of our parish soloists, you may do so provided that he or she has had previous experience as a church soloist for liturgical celebrations. It is important that your soloist is familiar with singing in church. He or she must contact our music director who will approve the musical selections and arrange for a rehearsal if necessary.

Flowers and other details

Flowers are not required.

If you choose to have flowers, they may be placed in the sanctuary by the florist upon delivery as long as no other functions will be taking place in the same location. For safety reasons no aisle carpet or runner of any type may be used. The aisle is already carpeted.

If you put flowers on the pews, do not use tape of any kind or tacks. Pew holders attached to the flowers or large elastics are acceptable. Flowers within the church need to be removed immediately following the ceremony due to floral allergies and asthma suffered by our parishioners.

Rice, confetti, or flower petals of any type are not to be used within the church or outside the church and its surroundings. They can be a safety hazard and also vermin are attracted by these nutrients. Please notify your friends of this ahead of time.

Please tell your limousine driver not to put champagne or any other type of alcoholic beverages on the exterior of the car in front of the church. It is very inappropriate.

Etiquette for Photographers and Videographers

Please inform your photographer/ videographer of these guidelines.

  1. Photographers and Videographers should be mindful of the Sacredness of God’s House and the Sacrament taking place. They should be as unobtrusive as possible. The use of a flash is allowed.
  2. Photographers and Videographers are usually not allowed in the main Sanctuary.
  3. Photos from the choir loft are allowed. The photographer should show professional courtesy to the musicians and not interfere with the performance of their duties. Please speak with the organist prior to the wedding.


Please call the rectory secretary to arrange a time for your rehearsal. Please bring the following to the rehearsal:

  1. The marriage license
  2. The completed form from Together for Life.
  3. The unity candle and tapers, if you decide to have one.


An offering is made to the church on the occasion of a wedding to help maintain the parish facilities and pay our employees. It is permitted, but not required, to give the celebrant a personal offering.

Wedding Coordinator
Music Director (Organist)



A $100.00 deposit is requested at the time of booking (refundable if wedding is cancelled.) All checks are to be made out to St. Mary Parish. Please enter “Bride’s Name/Groom’s Name Wedding and date of wedding” on the memo line.

The balance must be paid one month prior to the wedding. This is to insure that all employees are paid in a timely manner.