Pastoral Visitation

Meeting Times
3x a year-evening
Meeting Location
Sacred Heart Hall
Number of Members

In Franklin, there are several elder and nursing facilities: The Enclave and Benchmark Assisted Living communities and the Magnolia Heights Retirement/Independent Living community as well as the Cedarwood Gardens Health and Rehabilitation Center. The residents of these facilities are always eager to experience the warmth of a visitor’s smile and presence and they look forward to participating in the religious services that are offered to them.

Here at St. Mary’s Parish we have a number of parishioners who are homebound for one reason or another. Some have infirmities that hinder their ability to make it to the church easily. Others have no easy access to transportation on Sundays. Still others are not comfortable driving during the winter, while others are recovering from surgery or a long-term illness. Whatever the reason, many of these parishioners are not satisfied with only watching Mass on television, and yearn to receive the Eucharist as well.

Our parish understands its special responsibilities to those who are homebound and to those who are residents of the various facilities in Franklin and we offer parishioners the opportunity to minister to these individuals as Pastoral Visitors. The essence of this ministry is to listen and respond, to share prayer and sacrament, and to make present God’s love and the Church’s care to those in need. Pastoral visitation provides parishioners the chance and privilege to serve Jesus by bringing the Holy Eucharist as well as the care and concern of the parish community to those in need. Ministry to those in our elder and nursing facilities includes conducting regular Eucharistic services and sometimes visiting individual residents to pray with them and/or bring them Communion. Recitation of the Rosary is also offered at some facilities.

Initial and on-going education and support will be provided. To learn more about this special ministry, contact Leo Racine, pastoral associate at or at 508-528-0020.

Time commitment for a member:


Who is eligible to join:

Anyone interested in bringing the Eucharist into the community and who feels comfortable with elders and other homebound individuals.