Confirmation Program Overview

We will continue using the Decision Point Confirmation Program from Dynamic Catholic; however, due to the global pandemic, the structure of the program at St. Mary’s will emphasize remote learning instead of classroom learning. While this is not an ideal situation, it will provide the opportunity to stress that Confirmation Prep is much more about “faith formation” than it is about “religious education.”

Matthew Kelly, the founder of Dynamic Catholic, is the author of books such as Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic and Rediscover Catholicism, which have been provided as gifts from Father Brian to parishioners during past Advent and Lenten Season Masses.

Decision Point Program

Decision Point is a Confirmation preparation program primarily designed for Catholics between the ages of twelve and eighteen. Dynamic Catholic developed the program to ignite conversations about the genius of Catholicism between candidates and their parents, sponsors, catechists, teachers, peers, and priests. The materials in the program are something that every Catholic should experience, not just teens preparing for Confirmation.

Most young Catholics these days are disengaged from their faith. Engaging them is, therefore, the first step. Until they are engaged, it doesn’t matter how much information you download on them; they simply will not absorb it and make it their own. While faithfully presenting the Church’s teachings is essential, it is also critically important that we deliver them in ways that are engaging, accessible, and relevant.

We hope that this program will prepare young Catholics for the Sacrament of Confirmation in a dynamic way. To achieve this goal, we plan to inspire them to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstances of their daily lives, long after their Confirmation has passed.

Decision Point is a fantastic program. At the heart of it are seventy-two short videos, which average six minutes each and feature a passionate and engaging Matthew Kelly. There are three ways that Confirmation Candidates, Parents, and Sponsors can experience the Decision Point aspects of the program:

  1. Book:the 330-page, perfect-bound, paperback-workbook that St. Mary’s will provide to each Confirmation Candidate and his or her family,
  2. Online:Electronic copies of the workbook, all the short videos, and a lot more supplemental parts of the Decision Point program are available online at
  3. App:The seventy-two short films and some bonus content are also available on an app for smartphones and tablets. Just search for “DECISION POINT” on either the App Store or Google Play.