St. Mary's Safety Program

All child safety lessons previously taught through the religious education program have focused on helping children realize what a wonderful gift from God they are to their parents and the world. As such, they need to do everything they can to take care of themselves so they can grow to be happy and healthy individuals. Age-appropriate handouts provide children with concepts and ideas of how to best recognize situations that may put them at risk of unacceptable touching behaviors of others. Children learn that any type of touch that they don’t like is an “unwanted” touch and they have the right to speak up to anyone to let their feelings known. It does not matter if a child knows a potential offender a lot, a little, or not at all. Children need to know that if anyone is touching them in ANY way THEY don’t like, they must tell a trusted adult who can help stop any unwanted behaviors.

All sessions lay the initial foundation to begin to empower your child with the necessary skills to recognize potential predatory behaviors without overwhelming them or instilling unnecessary fears.

Due to Covid-19, as we have done with our religious education curriculum, we are pleased to offer you some handouts to help you continue child safety discussions with your child. Empowering your child to speak up (NOT talk back) and encouraging them to always tell you whenever something is bothering them, are key components to keeping your child safe. Regularly reinforcing family communication gives your child their trusting safety net to rely on.