St. Mary Cemetery Rules and Regulations for Traditional Graves

One burial plot may consist of 1 (one) casket burial, 1 (one) casket burial and 1 (one) cremated remain burial OR 2 (two) cremated remains burial. 

All cremated remains shall be received in a sealed urn or a permanent durable container. 

All casket burials at St. Mary’s requires a burial vault, which can be purchased from the funeral home.

No interment will be made without a Board of Health permit (a signed interment order) and all fees paid.  This permit is required by law.

Upright and marker monuments are allowed at St. Mary Cemetery.  There are specific dimensions for each monument depending upon the plot size.  Monument fees are paid directly to the monument company.  The monument companies contact information will be provided by Joseph Spencer, St. Mary’s Cemetery Superintendent, upon request.  Kindly call the office at 508-528-0020, Monday-Thursday between 9:00am-3:0pm, for Mr. Spencer’s contact information.

St. Mary Cemetery no longer allows the planting of any shrubs, bushes or trees. Please bear in mind that over time the roots from the shrub or trees will grow and they may disrupt the grave or even topple the headstone. In the event this rule is violated, the disallowed planting will be removed and will be recycled into the earth. You may, however, plant flowers and various holiday displays.  Typically, the holiday plantings and decorations will be removed a few months after the holiday, if not done by the family sooner.  The Cemetery is not responsible for any extra statuary or other items placed at a gravesite.  Placement is at your own risk.