Celebration of the Sacrament of First Holy Communion

10-02-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

During these coming days many wonderful and sacred events are happening at Saint Mary Parish despite the limitations imposed by the COVID Pandemic. Starting this Sunday, October 3 we will be holding First Communions for our 2020 Class at a special Noon Mass. These Communions will continue for the 3 remaining Sundays of October. Each young person is welcome to have his/her own family household(s) in their special bench in our church, and then the family comes forward and witnesses their young one receive the Body of Christ. What a great and blessed occasion it is for them and also for all of us in our parish faith community. We must rejoice that these children whose parents pledged to bring them in the ways of our faith have now prepared them and presented for Holy Communion.

We must pray that their parents continue actively to bring them up in the ways of our faith, first by their own example, then by bringing them to Mass every Sunday when the COVID Concerns or Restrictions are over and thirdly by helping them learn their faith tradition by attending Religious Education (CCD) classes. In addition, much like the 4 PM Saturday Mass and the 10:30 Sunday Mass and also out Confirmation Ceremonies, our First Communion Masses will be Live Streamed and the details of how etc. can be found on our website site. Everyone is welcome to watch.

Stephen May, our Parish’s Pastoral Associate/Assistant is bring ordained on this Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 to the Diaconate at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. We wish God’s blessings upon him as he begins this ordained ministry to serve in the church. Stephen will continue to be a full time employee of Saint Mary’s and work in our Pastoral Ministry in various ways and will be for part time in diaconal service he has also been assigned to Saint Margaret Mary, Westwood, where he has been assigned by the Cardinal. Pray for him as he begins his service. We also congratulate his wife Karen for her generous commitment and great sacrifice in assisting Stephen in his journey to the Ministry of Diaconate.

As you are aware we begin this weekend our Annual Appeal Campaign for our own Parish of Saint Mary’s. I have sent you a letter asking for your financial help. I know that some of you, much like some members of my family are struggling to keep it all together, so I am asking that those who are able to please to give generously. The Collection time is spaced out over three months to allow people to be able to give to our Parish Appeal. Thank you for your considering a gift to help our parish.

We have added Live-Stream to our main church and chapel, we have had to added various professional level ZOOM and Webinar accounts, besides additional cable wiring and also sorts of wiring for the new church and chapel, TV cameras and also viewing screens for the chapel. Widgets and black boxes with flashing lights have also been added! I gather though the boxes are small, they are essential and expensive. The Church and our Parish have faced in the last 7 months an extraordinary leap into the tech world. It is mind boggling and often leaves me flummoxed. The adding of all this tech has been expensive, well over $25,000.00, but we must recognize and accept that this is part of how we now evangelize and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Ministerial and Pastoral Staff are growing in knowledge and skill to meet the challenges. I wish to commend them for their efforts and the outstanding results. Religious Education has been radically reconfigured. The tech learning world of our children is now here for all of us. Did you know that over 1000, yes one thousand, households viewed our Confirmation Ceremonies from a few weeks ago. In total, we have had over 2000 views in a little over two or so weeks. That is a lot of faith witness and evangelizing. Please realize that your support in prayer, good will and finances helps us to continue the Holy Mission and Work of Saint Mary’s in our constant service and also new ways as they are needed.

Our Saint Vincent’s is busy helping folks and appreciates your support in their charitable work. I thank you for your faithful support through online giving, your mail in and Rectory mail box donations. All of this adds up and your personal donation matters.

Although things are constantly changing, our Patroness, Our Blessed Mother remains ever faithful in offering her petitions for us to our Father in Heaven. Saint Rocco, our special Protector, intercedes for those who are ill and for those who care for them. Our faith in the Lord Jesus helps us through all these days and gives us a sense of purpose and direction.

God bless,
Father Brian

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