05-13-2022Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

I understand late this week we will be enjoying temperatures around 80 degrees. How wonderful those days will feel after the cold and long winter we all endured. Being New Englanders we sort of lean into winter and accept it, but I think many of us yearn for the sunny and warm days of summer. Having the four seasons with their ups and downs and their extremes, we become philosophic people. Living in New England with its weather helps make us people who have substance and strength. I suspect also the unexpected and also both sudden and rapid changes in our weather through the year helps us to face change and unpredictability in life. With our faith as a foundation in life, we are able to live life with some peace of heart and strength of person.

Over the weekend there almost 50 people nominated to become Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Members. Many had multiple nominations and only a few were ineligible because they are already members. The PPC Election Committee is calling all of the names to invite them to consider running. Each candidate must submit a small blurb and photo so that we can have an array of candidate’s pictures and their story in church the weekend before the election (the first weekend in June). The many nomination of many people and age groups speaks well for our Parish and its vitality despite the Pandemic.

We concluded our regular First Communions this past Sunday. They were very touching and spiritual. There were only about 8 young people who missed one of the First Communions due to illness. We will be planning another public First Communion at our regular Masses. Remember a week from this coming weekend on Sunday May 22 is the last Noon Mass until the Sunday after Labor Day. FYI: Attendance has been dropping at this Mass and had usually plummeted to less than 40 in the summer.
On Thursday, May 19th our Catholic Women’s Club, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, will be holding a special celebratory dinner. Please see the bulletin or the website for details and how to obtain tickets. The men’s Spiritual Formation Group will be holding a meeting on Saturday, May 21st both in person in our Sacred Heart Hall and also a la ZOOM. See the website or the bulletin for details etc.

Our Saint Vincent de Paul is most appreciative of the special effort of Parishioners who made up and gave “Mother’s Day Gift Bags”. Your special thoughtfulness is appreciated. I think most folks are aware that the bulletin always lists what the “Pantry” needs are each month for the St. Vincent’s. Your financial support of their charitable work is also greatly appreciated. Our Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus will soon be sponsoring a Blood Drive in June. Our Knights are constantly being requested to run a Blood Drive because they are so successful at this task and the need is always so overwhelming.

All sorts of Parish information and news are on our website (stmarysfranklin.org) and lots of links to other Catholic events or information. Parish Websites are great tools for anyone who wants to know more about a parish or the church etc. The Catholic Web Company, which specializes in catholic parish websites, provides a wonder professional service in how they organize and update our website.
Soon folks will be departing for their second homes at mountains, lakes or shore either for the weekends of summer or the full season. These weeks folks have been going to weddings, graduations and First Communion and will continue to do so for many more weeks. I am most appreciative of those who pause and remember Saint Mary’s financially. Your online giving (best accessed at: stamarysfranklin.org), mail in or drop by envelopes or giving at the special baskets at the doors of the church is greatly appreciated by me as Pastor in attempting to provide all the necessary services and programs for our Parish. As you know the electric and gas bills are absolutely scary for your house and about twenty to thirty times greater here, along with the inflation for everything else.
Mary, the Mother of God and our Patroness intercedes for us at the Heavenly Throne. Saint Rocco, Healer and our special Patron intercede for those who are ill, especially our young. We are blessed to have these patrons as we live our lives each day.

 God bless,
 Father Brian