Welcoming the Newly Confirmed

09-17-2021Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

Last weekend Bishop Robert Reed, our Regional Bishop was here to confirm the Sacrament of Confirmation upon approximately 180 young people of our Parish. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit sustains and empowers them to live our Catholic Way of Life. In this most confusing time, our faith is ever more important for all of us. It gives us direction, purpose and stability. Hopefully the young people’s parents will recognize this larger reality and help them by their example to live our faith by attending the Holy Mass and living charity and understanding each day. Young people learn best by example and may their parents be the very best of models for them.

The Franklin Interfaith Council which is composed of many of the Houses of Worship in our Town of Franklin, has issued a statement asking folks to be vaccinated if at all possible. I am one of the signers of this document. Certainly Pope Francis has made it clear that we may prefer not to be vaccinated, but it is an obligation in charity to be vaccinated for the safety and health of others.  Some people have used the issue of COVID vaccinations as political issue, I am not doing so. I support the issue of the common good and encourage everyone who is able and eligible to receive the vaccination for COVID.

The Franklin Cultural Festival held outside on the Town Common last week was a huge success. I am glad that our parking lots are able to provide close by parking for so many guests. As we all are aware, parking is always an issue in the town center and our contribution of our parking lots certainly helps. Thank you to the many, many volunteers who organized, led and helped at the event. Our Town Police, Fire and Department of Public Works certainly were outstanding in their services.

We are speeding through September and soon October, one of the most beautiful months in New England will be here. I noticed this past week that most days are warm and mellow and the nights are just a little bit cool. I guess our Autumn Season is now upon us.

Church attendance has been growing ever so slowly because of the Delta Variant. We are at approximately 600 attendees at the 4 Masses. We will continue to Live-stream all the Saturday/Sunday Masses (accessed at: stmarysfranklin.org). More of our Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors have returned to active service at Mass in our sanctuary. I am delighted that our talented Music Director and Organist Terry Kerr will begin choir rehearsals this coming week. I know most of us look forward to our wonderful choir helping us sing glorious praise of our God at the 10:30 AM Mass. We now have copies of the bulletin in church if you wish to take one or you can read it on-line. Our Saint Vincent’s continues its work of caring for the fragile and needy.

Thank you for your support of this charitable work.
I am always appreciative of those who continue to support the holy work and Mission of Saint Mary’s by their on-line giving (accessed at: stmarysfranklin.org) or by their donations at the doors of the church at Mass or by their mail in- or drop by envelopes. Expenses are up as we re-start and our income is still quite down. (FYI: the bulletin on-line or a paper copy at church will give you the amount for each week). Your giving makes a critical difference. Thank you on behalf of everyone at Saint Mary’s.

October is one of the months dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. It is often called the month of the Holy Rosary. We pray to our God through the intercession of Mary, Our Parish Patroness. We also invoke the prayers and intercession of Saint Rocco for all the ill and sick, especially the young of our parish.

God bless,

Father Brian