Rained In!

07-16-2021Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

I guess we now know what Noah was nervous about as he built his ark: “Would it be ready for all his family and the animals before it was too late?”. The amount of rain we have had certainly has filled to overflowing the flood plains, marshes, brooks, streams and rivers in our area. I am certain that a few lower levels of homes have been flooded.  There is no perfect balance in New England weather, even if we were not dealing with the effects of global warming. Our flower and vegetable gardens are saturated and now need some sun for everything to grow and ripen. We know the sun will come out, it takes patience.

I note that each week more folks are coming to Saturday/Sunday Mass. I am glad to see this slow, consistent growth in attendance. This is a best possible sign for our faith community. I accept why people are slow to decide to return to church and Mass. We will be here when you are here!

With the rain and the mid-summer vacations taking place, there is very little to say this week. Please know that I am grateful for your personal and constant financial support of our Parish and our holy Mission in serving our God and our parishioners. Our Saint Vincent de Paul thanks you for your constant support. I also am grateful to the volunteers who have been able to return to our various ministries and services. All of you are the helping hands of Jesus when you help with this sacred work of our Parish community.

We are honored that our church patron is our Blessed Virgin Mary. We pray to her for her intercession with our Heavenly Father. Saint Rocco intercedes for us to obtain healing for those who are sick in mind, body or spirit. We ask his special intercession for those who are young in our Parish and face life threatening illness.

God bless,
Father Brian