Progressing Through Summer

07-29-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

We are progressing through the summer at a great speed. Somehow without me noticing, we are now in the month of August. Shortly our college age children will depart and leave for their educational institutions and begin to engage in their studies. This coming year will be different for them than last year as it will probably resemble more closely the traditional college pattern. It will be the same, but different. Our younger children will begin their education in late August or early September. Again their educational year will be similar to the past, but somewhat different. We pray for and hope for a better learning environment and experience this coming year. Our Educational Administrators, actual Educators and the entire Support Staffs certainly offered heroic service to all of our young people last year during the Pandemic. Karen Ackles, our Director of Religious Education, has been working diligently through the summer to prepare and offer a Religious Education Program that nurtures and develops our children’s faith, but also makes it as “user friendly” for parents as they re-engage with all the obligations and activities of their children this coming year. It is now the time to register for Religious Education… spread the word, please, for Grades 1 through 8 and also Confirmation 1 and 2. It is on-line at our website ( 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Slowly but steadily our weekend Mass attendance continues to grow. We will add the NOON Mass the Sunday after Labor Day. We are now have about 600 people attending Mass each weekend with the 3 Masses which we offer. It appears that our congregation will continue to grow slowly, but steadily and so a 4th Mass after Labor Day makes sense, even though the attendance at it will be the least of the 4 Masses. Our church holds approximately 800 comfortably so there is more than enough “seats” now (approximately 2400 seats), and in the Autumn there will be even more (3200 approximately). As the Autumn progresses we will look at our Mass attendance and decide if we need to adjust the schedule post January 1, 2022 or sooner.

I look forward each week to greet our presently attending and returning attendees and also our newly arriving Parishioners after Mass. With the almost year and one half we all went though, it is simply great to see faces and talk with folks. Enjoy this coming weekend and week. Thank you to all of you who faithfully continue to support financially the holy work and Mission of Saint Mary Parish.

Our Patroness Mary, the Mother of God intercedes for us and also our special Protector Saint Rocco asks for healing of mind, body and soul for all our ill. In two weeks will be the beautiful Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven.

God bless,
Father Brian