The Month of Mary

04-29-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

We are blessed that as we launch this month of May that in our Catholic Tradition these days are dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. As is our Parish custom, we hold First Communions for our young children during this month. There will be four ceremonies, each at the Noon Mass on the first four Sundays of May. Families and friends will gather in our holy church for this sacred ritual and rite for our young people. First Communion also can be viewed on our Live-Stream as it takes place (accessed via our website: May the grace of this sacrament fill our young people’s hearts and lives with strength and light!

The 7 AM Monday through Friday Mass resumed almost one month ago and has been proceeding accordingly. You may now choose to have a Mass Intention at these Masses starting with Mass on Monday, May 17th. Please go to our website and click on “Request a Mass Intention” and follow the directions. Parishioners report that they like this new system very much from the experience of arranging a Weekend Mass Intention and so we are now extending it to weekdays. You may also call and speak to the secretary (508-528-0020) or leave a message on that line at extension 11.  You may have to wait a few days for a call back. The website is easier and more efficient.

I have noticed that more folks are now feeling safe in coming to Mass on the weekend. I understand why some choose to attend at this time and why others choose to wait for another appropriate time. These decisions to attend any event, including church-going are not easily made. We must respect the various decisions made in good faith by people. I also suspect people will be going away over the summer and we will actually start a consistent growth of attendance in the Fall. I would hope by then that most of the restrictions and protocols will have been eased. Our Parish Religious Events and also Programs for Faith Formation for all ages will be off kilter for one more year as we slowly and hopefully steadily recover from the Pandemic. This transition is the time to transform our older program models and calendars to what would work better for our parents and children. For Faith Formation for Young People we are looking to balance the in person and the at home education which will make life for parents as easy as possible. This past year has been very difficult for them and we realize that the coming school year and the restart of other programs will also be very difficult.

Our parish secretary is retiring at the end of June. I am seeking a person who would work fulltime (40 hours - with benefits)– Monday through Thursday: 9 to 3 in the Office, the other 2 hours and Friday at home. Please contact via email: Trish Murphy the Business and Operations Manager (email: or 508-528-0020 extension: 10) for details etc. As you are aware, (Dcn) Stephen May has taken a position as Parish Administrator at Saint Margaret Mary, Westwood and we now have an opening for an non-benefited 19 hour a week Pastoral Assistant/Associate who would be responsible for the Home/Hospital/Nursing Home Ministry and very limited Adult Formation and Ministry Matters. Please send me a resume with the subject line: “Pastoral Assistant”. Karen Ackles, our Director of Religious Education will assume responsibility for the Confirmation Program.

Verbal reports from the Food Pantry inform us that the Envoy Restaurant Program - “Take Out, Eat Out and Help Out” - was most successful. The Franklin Interfaith Council thanks everyone who has been involved from the patrons, our local restaurateurs and our organizers. The Food Pantry is directly benefiting from your commitment and sacrifice. Folks also got many great chances to try out the many wonderful and fine restaurants available in our Town.

Thank you for your continued financial support of our Parish and also the Saint Vincent’s. The holy work of our Parish and the charitable work of the Saint Vincent’s are going on every day because of you. I appreciate those of you who have pledged and are now giving to Cardinal Sean’s Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. We are slowly making progress in reaching our required assessment. If you have not given, I invite you to do so. See our webpage for how to give.

As the days become easier for us in so many various ways, it is wonderful to know that our faith has carried us so far and will continue to do so in the days, weeks and months ahead. Mary, Our Parish Patroness intercedes with her Son for us. Saint Rocco intercedes for those who are ill. We are blessed by faith and by those who spiritually hover near us to aid us in our times of difficulties.

God bless you and your loved ones,
Father Brian