The Sturdiness of Yankee Culture

02-05-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Mary's,

This past week certainly was quite the week with the great snow storm that has left us with more snow at one time than we have seen in a few years. Those of us who do not really like the snow, ice, and cold really can mutter for good reason about winter weather these days.

Yet we who are New Englanders at heart, whether native-born or adoptees, know that all we have to do is keep going through the bad (weather) and the good (such as summer) will come again. The sturdiness of Yankee culture can aid us not only in bad weather, but also in the bad times of our lives.

During this Pandemic, we all need to marshal ourselves as best as we can each day and move forward one step at a time. This approach does not deny any of the problems of life associated with the Pandemic, but it provides a positive way forward. For many of us, our faith in the Lord Jesus underpins it all. We know from the past week’s scriptures and the greater story of Jesus Christ that good will always overcome evil or bad.

Ash Wednesday and Lent begin shortly. I will write about it next week. At this point, I suggest you check out our website for all sorts of spiritual details.

I receive many emails and notes from folks each week who are so grateful for the Live-Streaming of Masses. People also write that this weekly letter also helps them to feel connected to our parish faith community. I am glad to hear from folks that they feel their faith is being nurtured not only in church, but also via our electronic platforms. During Lent we will be using these platforms more to support a spiritual pilgrimage during Lent to Easter Sunday.

I am writing a very short letter this week. I am most appreciative of those who continue each week to so faithfully support our Saint Vincent’s and our Parish via online giving or mail-in or drop-by envelopes. Your generous and consistent giving enables us to continue the holy work of Saint Mary’s. Thank you.

We always remember that Mary, the Mother of God, is our Patroness and Intercessor. We are blessed to have Saint Rocco as an additional Patron and Healer. By their intercession and our prayers we are kept close to the heart of our God.

God bless,
Father Brian