Parish Lenten Activites

02-12-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. I find it very difficult to believe that the time since Christmas has passed so quickly. With the Pandemic as a background noise always in our daily life, there is a distortion in the passage of time for me. I guess I can say that the movement of days, hours and minutes brings me closer to my favored season of a nice hot summer. We should never wish our time away, but it is always nice to know that summer is never far away. Meanwhile, there is much for us to have and do in our lives. We are blessed that the very personal and spiritual Season of Lent is upon us.

I view Lent as time and season for each one of us to focus on our own self to become a stronger or better Follower of Jesus Christ. The six weeks can help us to start to grow more in the grace of the Risen Lord. These six weeks allow us to focus on many various spiritual elements of our lives. Yes, this Lent is different than usual, but that does not mean we cannot grow in faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Our Parish will be offering on Tuesday evenings a “Zoom” Spiritual Lecture Program. Deacon Stephen May, our Pastoral Associate, has prepared some very wonderful spiritual and interesting topics for you. Please consider attending. Look at our website for details. On Monday evenings, the Saint Vincent de Paul and others pray the Rosary under the guidance of Deacon Guy. Send Deacon Guy an email ( to obtain the Zoom connection. Karen Ackles is offering to all our families some very special Lenten activates via our Religious Education Program. Check out Religious Education page on our website to have a special family Lenten Moment each day or each week. We will be celebrating Morning Mass Monday through Friday at 7 AM in the Chapel. When you attend, you can register then.

On Ash Wednesday we will launch Lent with Masses with the Distribution of Ashes at 7 AM and 7 PM (Registration required) and also “Walk Up Reception of Ashes (no registration required) at the side Rocco Plaza from Noon until 12:45 PM. You can receive a brief spiritual reflection for each day during Lent from Dynamic Catholic. This is called “” and that is the website you need to sign up for this inspiring spiritual message. Three of our weekend Masses are Livestreamed: Saturday – 4 PM and Sunday 10:30 AM & Noon, (note the Sunday 7:30 AM is not Live-streamed) so that if you are not able to be at Mass, you may participate in our Parish’s Lenten Spiritual Journey each Sunday.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance) will be available in the Chapel Penance Room from 8 to 9 AM on Saturday March 13th, 20th, 27th and April 3rd.

We are blessed that the Stations of the Cross are available on YouTube in various formats: a brief Service called “Prayer the Stations of the Cross” by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati or a more elegant service called Stations of the Cross (with choral Stabat Mater) according to the Method of Saint Alphonse Ligouri prepared by the Good Shepherd Parish, Golden Valley MN. The font of spiritual services and programs from our own Catholic TV ( will be flowing richly during this Season of Lent. The Pandemic is not an excuse for failing to practice the spiritual works we each must do for Lent to be part of the beauty and power of the Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Deacon Guy told me that last week’s Men’s and Women’s Spirituality Programs which met on ZOOM were very well attended and much appreciated. I also want to remind you of the “Envoy Program” which our St. Vincent’s encourages us to help support their partner in aiding people, the Franklin Food Pantry. “Take Out or Dine Out” on certain nights at particular local restaurants supports the Pantry. See our webpage for all the details of who, what nights etc. Because of the power and aid of tech al la ZOOM/Webinar, the Catholic Women’s Club has been able to continue to meet. Please consider joining them on this Thursday February 18th at 7:00 PM. New or former members are welcome. Please see our website ahead of time for the details in how to join the meeting.

Your faithful financial support to our Saint Vincent’s in their charitable work and of the holy work of Saint Mary’s constantly impresses me. You faithfully share your financial resources for the good of our own parish and the needy. Thank you. Soon will be the time for the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (aka the Cardinal’s Appeal) and I invite you to consider supporting the work of the Cardinal and the Archdiocese. Cardinal Sean has been sending to all of us a letter asking us for our financial support. Please help if your means allow.

Mary, Our Patroness always intercedes for us. Saint Rocco, our beloved special Patron, intercedes to bring healing and hope to all of us. We are blessed with faith in these difficult times. This coming Lent 2021 we will be graced to be able to deepen our faith in so many ways.

God bless,
Father Brian