Put Your Faith in the Lord

01-08-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary,

We have stepped into the New Year and must continue to put our faith in the Lord in these most troubling of times for our country and for our people who continue to struggle during this Pandemic. We must ask our God to fill the hearts and minds of our leaders on all levels of government to always put the good of others before themselves. We must all remember all of us must respect the laws of our country and work together for our democracy. Ideological and political polarization is destroying the good of our “common good”. Our country needs our prayers said faithfully these days for all of us to move past the violence of Wednesday. We must condemn the violence which has taken place and work peacefully for our country’s future.

I am most appreciative of the many, many folks who emailed, wrote or called to say how much they appreciated all the enormous thought and work which went into the Christmas Eve and Morning Masses and Communion Services. On my behalf, I would say that it was a high honor for me to provide these many, many spiritual sources of Christmas grace for all of you.

We continue to be in a “Red Zone” which entails extra precautions for Mass. Please remember that everyone is dispensed from Sunday Mass during the entire time of the Pandemic. If you do decide to come to weekend Mass, please register beforehand (easily and best found at our website: stmarysfranklin.org click the button which says: “Mass Registration”). You must also wear a mask and have a temperature check before you enter (must be below 100.4). Spread the word to those very, very few who do not have email or do not read it. The Saturday 4 PM and the Sunday 10:30am and 12:00pm Masses are all live-streamed for you to participate in. (best accessed via or website: stmarysfranklin.org click on “Live-Stream Masses”.

You may have noticed that in the past two weeks there have been over ten funeral Masses or Interment Ceremonies. You may not be aware that all Funeral Masses are also live-streamed. This has allowed many family and friends (nearby, across the country and overseas) of the deceased to be part of these Holy Masses. This provides great comfort to all who mourn the loss of their beloved. Technology and “screens” can certainly be a great grace to us in our lives at very emotionally difficult times.

Your faithful and constant financial support of Saint Mary’s as we continue to provide spiritual services and support during these difficult times make a critical difference to the well-being of our Parish. By supporting us online, by mail in or drop by envelopes, our Parish is able to continue its holy work. Thank you. The financial and food resources support that the entire Parish gave to the St. Vincent’s throughout the Christmas Season has been most impressive. Even with your own struggles and needs, you have generously given to others who are frail or vulnerable. You have quietly ad generously witnessed to our faith.

The “Deacon’s Prayer Service for Life” will not be held this year because of the COVID restrictions. We pray at Mass each weekend in particular for everyone to have a deep respect and support for all human life. This petition at Mass is gargantuan in its scope, and so we begin with prayer and then step by step try to live this intention by God’s grace in our lives.

This weekend our Gospel tells us that Jesus began His public ministry. He went forth teaching and healing. May we now in our day listen to His teachings and be healed by His grace. May His Mother Mary intercede for us. And our special Patron Saint Rocco: bring us the healing unction of our God! Amen.

Father Brian