Labor Day

09-04-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

Labor Day has arrived. The summer has run its course and now we step forward to begin a new Fall Season which has all sorts of challenging and demands for us. I wish to share with you one memory of Labor which I had in my childhood. On September 5, 1954, I won First Place in the footrace for 5-year-olds in the Sand Hills Scituate MA Annual Labor Day Festivities. (sort of the seaside Olympics!) The One Dollar prize is framed along with the sketch of a little dog and is with me to this day. My memory of the “Great Race” is that my father told me when the whistle blows, I was to start running straight and keep running until you are told to stop. I ran my little legs along the route and was shocked to find out that I actually won. I must say that I have not won any races since then, but it does not matter.

I hope this little story gives you a good laugh so that as we move on in the next few months, you will remember that you started with a lighter heart and a laugh. We all have a lot to deal with in the coming months and we need to begin with positive attitudes. In a spiritual and real sense, we continue our scriptural journey at Mass with Jesus walking from Galilee to Jerusalem and his 40 days afterward. We are now at a point where we are reflecting upon His words, stories and actions that brought purpose, hope, light, strength, and courage to His followers. At Mass, the greater story of Jesus has been told in the past many months and we now use this ordinary Sunday Time to deepen our faith and spirituality before we begin again with another Church Year and Gospel writer. So when you come to Mass or participate at Mass via TV or the Web, know that we are hearing the healing and sacred words of Light and Hope. Carry these spiritual gifts in your hearts as we move ahead. They will help you.

Next Friday evening and also Saturday morning and mid-day, Bishop Reed will be with us to confirm almost 200 young people. He will invoke the Holy Spirit upon them to give them the strength to follow the Way of Jesus Christ. We will follow all the precautions and so guests may not attend, but we will live stream each of the 3 ceremonies on YouTube (we are called: St. Mary’s Franklin Live Stream) You will also be able to view than on YouTube afterward.

Starting that Saturday, September 12, the 4:00 pm Mass will be live-streamed each week. We will add a Sunday Mass after a few weeks when everything is flowing well. You can see the 4:00 pm Mass via YouTube with our name as seen above. To make it easy to access and use, we will be placing the link into our Website on the front page in the next two weeks and in that period to our Facebook account. We will be “fine-tuning things for a while” and a little patience by ourselves and you are required. YouTube will keep every Mass as available. You need to go to our “channel” - St. Mary’s Franklin Live Stream - to see a Live Stream Mass or Ceremony or their recording.

Religious Education is still in midst of Registration and folks are signing up. Our Program will continue in new ways to help our parents and young people in developing their faith. Saint Vincent’s is continuing their faithful service to the fragile and needy. Your faithful generosity to them and also to the Parish by online giving or by mail in or drop by envelopes are impressive signs of the dedication of so many of you to our Parish and community. Weekend Masses (Saturday: 4:00 pm; Sunday: 7:30 am and 10:30 am) continue to be reverent and safe.

My running and racing career ended in 1954, but now I continue to walk along with you on the Way of Jesus from his Birth to His Resurrection and beyond. We always know our Blessed Mother Mary, our Parish Patroness intercedes for us. Saint Rocco also intercedes for our healing. We are blessed by their faith, We are also blessed by your faith.

God bless
Fr. Brian