Live-streamed Masses

09-25-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

Our Parish is moving along with the flow of life. I notice each week a few more folks are coming to weekend Masses. Please remember we are here ready to welcome you whenever you return. What is wonderful news is almost 1000 people (or technically views) saw our three Confirmations on Live Stream or on our You-tube channel. (“St. Mary Franklin Live Stream” is its name) Usually over 120 people (views) watch our Saturday 4 PM Mass. We will be adding this weekend the 10:30 AM Sunday Mass so that you may see it in “real time” on our Live-stream.

This is best found by going to the homepage of our website, finding the Live Stream area and following the directions. Remember Live-stream is active and working during the actual time of the Mass or Ceremony. It then migrates over a short period of time to our You-tube Channel. This can take some time for the widgets of You-tube to do this. We are excited that our Live Streaming and You-tube Channel are doing so great. First Communions start next weekend for the 4 October Sundays at a special 12:00pm and will also be Live-streamed.

Franklin Schools and many other public and private schools have restarted and are slowly trying to put in place an educational process for our young people. I know from listening in particular to my nieces and nephews how difficult all of this is. The worry, the concern and the frustration which parents have in trying to decide about and participate in the best for their beloved children can be overwhelming at time. Our Religious Education program has adopted as a key component that it is as “parent friendly” as possible. We recognize the extra burdens parents are carrying and want them to know we are standing along with them. They are not alone. Certainly in these most difficult of days it is important to help parents focus and center their children with a sense of faith, hope and light.

Part of Saint Mary’s commitment to the young people of our Town is that we are allowing the Y of Franklin to use our main school building for Child Care for before, during and after school for a symbolic rent. In a special and practical sense the Catholic Parish of Saint Mary’s is helping many young people, even non parishioners during this COVID Pandemic.

Out Saint Vincent de Paul is having a “Virtual Walk” this weekend to help support its Mission. Please see our website for details if you wish to help support them financially. Our Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Council will be offering their delectable and delightful pies for Thanksgiving. If you go to our website you will find it very easy to order your pies,. The Council has developed an easy order and then a contact free pick up come Thanksgiving. Best to order right away.

Our Patroness of our Parish, Mary, Mother of God intercedes for us in heaven. Saint Rocco, our special Patron brings hope and healing to all of us. Our faith can carry us in the wearing times and also let us stand tall and see the Light of Christ in our world.

God bless,
Father Brian