Plan for Fall Religious Education

08-30-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

Most of our Town Life is focused on our Educational Plans for our young people. We also still hear about various colleges and universities as they change their plans which may greatly impact some of our highest education young people. It is clear that the Franklin Educational Department is doing its best to plan for our young ones. This is true whether we like or dislike their plans. We must faithfully pray for them and also for the teachers and school personnel as they begin their active Mission of educating our children in the most difficult of circumstances.

As a parish faith community we have a sacred task and mission to form and educate our young people. The Ministerial and Pastoral Staff have taken on the task of designing and then implementing religious education classes for our young people. They will be remote with involvement by the Director’s and Teachers (aka Catechists). The programs have been designed to be as student and parent user friendly as possible. Registration is now open on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can this get any easier or more convenient? This is all in light of the Religion Education Survey that almost 400 parents responded to during this summer. We thank them for this because it influenced our plans significantly. Adult Spirituality and Faith formation are still in process and will be announced later in September.

The weekend Mass (Sat: 4 PM; Sunday 7;30 and 10:30 AM) now average over 340 participants per weekend. People remark that they are safe, spiritual and reverent. For those who are at present unable to be at Mass, I remind you of the wonderfully spiritual Masses and Services on Catholic TV.

This letter is going to be brief this week. Remember we are here whenever you are ready to return. We are always blessed to remember that our Parish is dedicated to Mary, Mother of God who is a special Intercessor for us. Saint Rocco is our special saintly Benefactor and we know his prayers always protect us in this pandemic.

God bless,
Father Brian