The essential work of the Church

07-10-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Yes, the summer is upon us and it is time to shorten my weekly letter. The “Good News” is that our weekend Masses are continuing to be very safe and reverent. We are blessed with volunteer Ambassadors who assist us all at each Mass. The simplified Music at the 4 PM and 10:30 AM Masses has its own innate beauty to inspire our souls. Christ is made present on the altar and people are able to receive the Body of Christ. What greater blessing is there? Our Funeral Masses, though slightly modified, are powerful instruments of prayer which also provide spiritual comfort for the mourners. Our Baptisms continue each Sunday, as needed, and welcome the Light of Christ into the hearts of our young ones.

The essential work of the Church continues each day in various and modified ways. We also acknowledge the continuing faithful service of our Saint Vincent’s de Paul to the needy and fragile of our Parish. Our wonderful Knights of Columbus safely and successfully sponsored a desperately Blood Drive and will offer another opportunity in August.

Time moves quickly and before we know it will be the start of Fall. Make sure you save time for the important people in your lives. How you work all this out will not be as it has been in the past for the most part, but our present situation should not stop you. In life, as you live it we come to realize that it is faith, family and friends. We should never neglect any of these three. Life loses its meaning and purpose when these are out of balance.

I continue to be grateful for your support of the Saint Vincent de Paul. Your food items and also your financial support help them as the need is starting to increase measurably. I am most appreciative of your faithful support of our Parish via on-line giving or via the mail or through the Rectory mail slot. Your personal financial support keeps us going in these difficult times.

The wonderful spiritual fountain of graces available at Catholic TV (on cable or at found in the beautiful Masses, Services and Special programs is a special gift in all of our lives. I remind you that we are Parish Community which has the intercession of Mary, Mother of God as our Parish is dedicated to her. We also invoke our own special patron, Saint Rocco. As he interceded for the health and well-being of people in times past, so will he intercede on behalf of us.

God bless,
Father Brian