The Joy of Summer

07-24-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

The days of summer are moving along. Almost every day I take great delight in the hot sunny weather. Although I am no longer a “beach person”, I really enjoy the ease of living when we do not have to wear gloves, scarfs, hats and winter coats, nevertheless having to scrape ice or snow off my car each morning. Because I am a gardener at my family’s Cape House, I appreciate these long days of light and warmth. This year, however in this summer comfort all of us are constantly under the direct and indirect effects of the COVID Pandemic.

To be sure we are often consciously worried or concerned, but we do not realize the amount of unconscious worry we have. The simple task of always remembering to wear a mask and also to keep the six feet distance because of the unseen but real COVID virus over time takes its toll. Many folks are worried, or even frightened about jobs and finances. Everyone is worried about their children and how and what to decide about school this coming September.

There is no faith formula which will answer all of these worries and concerns. I do know that if we lean on our faith in God, whether it is robust, thin or struggling and then lean into each day, we will come out to the other side in various and good ways. God gives us the strength for all that which happens to us; we just need to take hold of it and move forward. I know that parents have decisions to make in mid or late August about their children and their education. Your thoughtful, considered answers to what to do will always be right if you ask God for his grace and wisdom, think carefully and then decide. We do not have a clear path for our feet for the days ahead, but we do have a God who is with us each day. The footsteps of our lives are graced by Him. Oftentimes we do not feel or see this, but if we turn around and look back in our lives, we can see the footprints of Jesus besides us, and on some occasions his footprints from when He carried us.

Catholic TV continues to provide many wonderful spiritual resources for all of us, at any age. We are blessed to have this spiritual fountain of grace. Our Masses on the weekend (Saturday: 4 PM and Sunday 7:30 AM & 10:30 AM) continue to be safe and reverent. These Masses will be there for you when you are able to return. The generosity of parishioners in supporting our Saint Vincent’s is impressive. I, also, am deeply grateful the many Parishioners who contribute each week via online or by mail or drop in at the Rectory door. Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God and our Patroness and also with the healing intercession of Saint Rocco, we pray for our Parishioners, the people of our heart, our Town Community and the world beyond for God’s grace and special assistance.

God bless
Father Brian.