Independence Day

06-26-2020Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

The re-opening of our Parish Weekend Masses continues to take place “successfully”. I think most of us are aware that the rules in another Parish in the Archdiocese were not followed and the Parish had to close down completely for two weeks. A parishioner with symptoms of COVID came to church and engaged with the priests with the resulting closing of the church for two weeks. The priests and staff had to go into quarantine. So far we are “successful” here at Saint Mary’s because everyone is following the rules and we are most cautiously and carefully moving forward. The key values are safety and reverence. There are some people who are pushing and pressing to open more; they are at times loud and noisy, but they are actually quite few in number. They want to take risks about your health and life, but in the end, they would not be willing to be responsible. Bossy or bully-like people never take responsibility for their actions. They blame others or you.

We celebrate next weekend our holiday of July 4th, our Independence Day. As a child this day was an important milestone, it meant that we were truly in the midst of summer school vacation and that there were more than two months to go. Back then, this was a long and slow two months. As I grow older, two months is merely a second. So if you think you have lots of time for summer to join with family and friends that is a misconception. This year because of all the restrictions of the various Phases, you need to take time now to plan out how you can make your family and friends your priority of time. Do not let the days slip by and then have regret. You do not get the days back when they are over.

Your generous and continual support of our Saint Vincent de Paul is most admirable. Many people bring the items to the glass doors on the front sides of the lower church level and leave them inside in the large baskets or continue to mail in financial donations to the Rectory. I am personally most grateful to all who have thoughtfully sent financial support to our Parish via on-line giving or mailed in or dropped through the Rectory mail slot. Thank you for keeping Saint Mary’s going in this less frantic church period.

I also remind you of the wonderful and spiritual Masses found for the weekend at Catholic TV ( on cable or streamed at: ). Bishop Bob Reed’s dedicated work is outstanding in helping to support and enrich our faith at this time.

We make our prayer through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God to whom our Parish is dedicated also the assistance of our special Patron Saint Rocco, Saint and Healer to our loving God who cares for us all in good and in bad times.

God bless,
Father Brian

PS: The holy Masses each weekend are at Saturday at 4:00pm (doors open 3:30pm) and Sunday at 7:30am (Doors open at 7:00am) and 10:30am (Doors open at 10:00am).