Letter from Fr. Brian

06-12-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s, Cardinal Sean announced that we will begin (again) the special “Year of the Eucharist” this Sunday, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. With the limitations and requirements of the Pandemic these past months influencing our church life so profoundly,there is a more powerful meaning to this Year of the Eucharist for us. One of the distinguishing hallmarks of Catholicism is that whenever and wherever possible, we are expected to participate in the Sunday Mass. Unlike so many other parts of this country, we have so many Masses each weekend that we may have in many ways come to devaluate the Mass grace and meaning in our lives. This time of enforced abstinence has allowed many of us to come to feel how much we need the Holy Mass and Communion. Indeed it is a privilege to be a participate at Mass, Mass is not a burden or an “obligation”.

Our “Year of the Eucharist” at Saint Mary Parish is going to be focused on re-establishing the Weekend Mass Schedule  as the “holy touchstone” in our weekly life. In this transition of time of the many Phases of the Sate Directives we hope to celebrate Masses that bring grace and meaning to those who are able to attend. Our two principles are: safety and reverence. Everyone, including priests, deacons, staff and our volunteers have these two goals in mind. Our present weekend Masses (sat: 4 PM); Sun: 7:30 and 10:30 AM) are spiritual enriching and comforting, while also welcoming and safe. As you feel safe and your health conditions allow, you are most welcome to come to Mass. Social distancing and masks are required. More importantly, bring your yearning or searching heart for our Heavenly Father. Receive the Lord Jesus as Spiritual Food at Mass. Let the Holy Spirit strengthen you with peace and grace. If you are unable to attend, the most spiritual of Masses and Services are found (cable or streamed) on Catholic TV (catholic.tv). A few words of advice: Life again is now starting to open up. Have patience for yourselves and others. Now is the time to leave behind as many negatives in your life as possible. Step forward and step along to better and different days. This time of transition is also a time for us to grow and change. No explanation or excuse is needed!

Our Saint Vincent de Paul continues its charitable work among us. Thank you to those who bring donations to the lower level of the church building and to those who send them financial support. Thank you to the many who now have chosen to support our Parish by on-line giving (found at: stmarysfranklin.org ) or by mailing or dropping off envelopes. Your personal financial support keeps us afloat in these defficult times. I personally thank you.

We are blessed with Mary, Mother of God as our Parish Patroness; we also are graced with the special protection of Saint Rocco. We pray through them for the well-being of our sick, our healing professionals and in gratitude for the many, many people who quietly work to keep us with safety and with the necessities of life and home. The “heroes and heroines” and true saints of our times are not the big shots on TV, but the people who are working to help you live a safe and healthy life each day. We thank our God these saints for putting their faith into action on behalf of all of us.

God bless,  

Father Brian

PS: Our Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a much needed Blood Drive for the Red Cross due to the health crisis this Friday, June 19 from 1 to 6 PM on the lower level of the church building. See our website for rules and procedures and how to sign up