Parish Update

06-17-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

Welcoming Stephen May: This past week Stephen May, our new Pastoral Associate (PA) began his ministry and service to our Parish. Nan Rafter, our outgoing Parish Nurse and Pastoral Associate, has been assisting him in his transition. Our Parish has been blessed by the work of Nan and now we wish her great health, many blessings and a wonderful retirement. Stephen May will now begin the work of ministering to our many, many parishioners. He will be involved in caring for the sick and homebound, those in assisted care facilities and nursing homes and also, at times, in hospitals. He will also help in the pastoral care for our dying, bereaved and mourning. He will be a liaison and work with our Health Ministry Committee.

Sheila Dennis, a nurse who has completed the Archdiocesan Parish Nurse Program will be volunteering to help lead this Committee and assist in the special ways that parish nurses can. Stephen will be involved in enrichment programs in this coming year for our various ministries. He will also participate in the Interfaith Council.

Stephen has a Master of Arts in Theology. He is also in the Deacon Formation Program. He has previously served as a Pastoral Associate in the Blue Hills Collaborative Parishes (Most Precious Blood - Hyde Park, Saint Anne - Readville and St. Pius - Milton). Previous to his full time work as a PA, Stephen had volunteered and served in his home parish. Stephen is an experienced Hospice Chaplain. He also has previous business experience in his life career. More importantly, Stephen possesses a strong sense of dedication and commitment, a faith that is strong and a desire to serve in the pastoral ministry of Jesus Christ. He also has the background, education and training to be an effective Pastoral Associate for all of us.

Please introduce yourself to him and offer your name and welcome him warmly to our Parish.

Launch of the Church Project and Update #1: I understand that some folks have been told by someone (?) that the present outside lift will not be working from now on and there is no way to get into the upstairs until the building project is finished. The truth is: the lift will work all the time, (weather permitting), until the new elevators is installed, working and certified by the state and then the lift will be removed. Please tell everyone the present lift is working and will be until the elevator starts.

During this past week, the initial phase of our big project has begun. There is still asbestos in our church building in our floor tiles, most of which are hidden by rugs. The construction company and the asbestos removal company will begin on the lower level of the church. They need to install barriers which will be air tight for the removal of the tiles. The two side entrances (i.e. the 2 sets of glass doors) will not be available for use to gain entrance to the chapel. A special airtight barrier is being erected to allow the Saint Vincent de Paul Society access to its Food Closet and Conference room. No one, however, for any reason may open the barrier doors just to "take a quick peek" or "just to see for a moment." This could, at the wrong time, violate the restrictions regarding asbestos removal and cause big trouble. There is always access to the Chapel via the side wooden door at the top of the driveway. Either the week of July 4 th , most likely the Monday afterwards, they will start to construct the barriers and airtight walls for the upstairs church. Funerals will then go to Norfolk and we will have the church back for Saturday-Sundays. The organ will be "vacuumed wrapped" during this time and we will be using the piano for music. I will keep you updated as it happens.