Finance Council

Meeting Times
About 5 times a year, on Wednesday evenings.
Meeting Location
Conference Room
Number of Members

The Finance Council assists and advises the pastor on the financial operation of the parish. They assist in putting together the parish budget. They also help to plan for the future. The council advises the pastor on special projects and fundraising.

Finance Council members:

  • Thomas Duval, Chairman
  • Thomas Curran, Vice-chair
  • Patricia Carroll
  • Cindy Rich
  • Tom Seery
  • Joseph Senackerib

Examples of activities or ministry’s work:

Financial advice to pastor, plan budget for year, plan for the financial future of the parish, advise on special projects and fundraising

Time commitment for a member:

Meet about 5 times a year

Who is eligible to join:

An adult may put name forward to the pastor