Men's Faith Formation Group

Meeting Date/Times
2nd Saturday - September-May
from 8:45 - 9:45am
Meeting Location
Recently refurbished St Mary Hall (below the church)
Approximate Attendance
35 men

We believe that men rarely get the opportunity to get together and discuss their faith. This 1-hour session is an attempt to get together in an informal and casual setting to share and discuss questions and concerns about our Catholic faith. We are going to use Bishop Robert Barron’s series on Catholicism as a stepping off point. Bishop Barron speaks to topics like the Beatitudes, Jesus as a warrior, St Peter and St Paul and many other aspects of our faith. From this 20-minute video we will then share in small groups our thoughts regarding the topics presented. This also provides an opportunity to share our concerns and maybe difficulties with our faith as a man in today’s world.

We welcome all men, no matter what parish, town, age, or status.


Welcome, view select video, discussion in small groups, closing.

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