Updates Continue

07-15-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

I hope that this page is the last for a while of full-length updates. I miss writing my more pastorally reflective page on the scripture of the weekend. I thought it was necessary to use this page to make sure everyone has the opportunity to know what is going on from my point of view. In another week or two, I will write some more on updates and parish matters. Enjoy this week because the weather is supposed to be wonderful.


The Mega Church Project

07-08-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

Those who have been able to attend church these past two weekends have been able to observe that the great construction project has begun. On the lower level, the asbestos tile has been legally and properly removed and disposed of in a landfill. This area includes the big hall and also the Olive Branch Room, along with various closets. The air quality has been tested and has been certified safe. Soon this same process will take place in the upstairs church, probably the second or third week in July. This is a very carefully performed process of abatement and all the laws and requirements are strictly observed by the Abatement Contractors.


Capital Campaign Update 2

07-05-2018Capital Campaign

Living Our Lives with Dignity, Grace and Integrity

07-01-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

Are you aware that the Book of Wisdom in the Old Testament was actually written a few years before the birth of Jesus Christ? The words of this book are to help us live our lives with dignity, grace and integrity. Our first reading today from this Book is a reflection on the life and death of the soul. Our particular passage does not include the section that talks about the pure materialist who eats, drinks and makes merry and claims that this is all there is. The Book of Wisdom’s author says this is all wrong, our author writes that we are imperishable. There is no second death, no death of the human spirit made in God’s image.

Today’s Gospel is about two miracles, one story inside the other’s story. This is about the official and his sick daughter, but also about a brave woman in need. She reaches out simply to touch the garment of Jesus as Our Lord walks along with the official to see his daughter. She is, in fact, cured. Then this brave act of the woman comes to light. Even though the people were flocking around Jesus, the woman is discovered. She humbly confesses her faith in Jesus’ ability to cure her, and he declares loudly that her faith has cured her. He then tells her to go on her way forever freed from the source of illness and sin.


John, The Herald of Salvation

06-24-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

At Mass this past weekend everything finally aligned correctly for us. The Sunday Scripture started with Part Two of Ordinary Time, the summer heat and wonderful weather became more consistent, and finally life in general eased up with all the sunlight which makes life better. The Ordinary Sundays which run through the summer are filled with scripture that allows us time to pause and reflect upon ourselves, our lives, our journey in faith and what everything in many ways is all about. Ordinary Summer Time is a great time to ponder quietly and without undue stress our lives and where we are going. However, this Sunday in this year we take a step off our path of reflection to celebrate the birthday, aka Nativity, of John the Baptist. His actual birth date is unknown, but because he was a very hot and fiery prophet, his birthday is plunked down right in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere's hot and sunny season of summer. Our spring lasted quite a length this year, so that the dryness of summer and the scorched earth lacking water have yet to appear around us. In fact, this year, most of us are quite happy that summer has finally arrived, even if water limitations and high heat will soon start.


Parish Update

06-17-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

Welcoming Stephen May: This past week Stephen May, our new Pastoral Associate (PA) began his ministry and service to our Parish. Nan Rafter, our outgoing Parish Nurse and Pastoral Associate, has been assisting him in his transition. Our Parish has been blessed by the work of Nan and now we wish her great health, many blessings and a wonderful retirement. Stephen May will now begin the work of ministering to our many, many parishioners. He will be involved in caring for the sick and homebound, those in assisted care facilities and nursing homes and also, at times, in hospitals. He will also help in the pastoral care for our dying, bereaved and mourning. He will be a liaison and work with our Health Ministry Committee.


The Capital Campaign project is moving forward!

06-11-2018Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign project is moving forward!! Work will begin on Thursday, June 14 in the lower church hall. Check back periodically for updated pictures.

The Theme and Image of a Leader

06-10-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

This is a wonderful season of the year to attend Sunday Mass, the weather turns so nice these next three months complimented by the Sunday scripture readings helping us to understand our lives and our relationship with God. We listen in particular to the Gospel to hear the words of wisdom and insight that Jesus offers us and to hear and envision his miracles and healings in what they can mean in our actual lives today. We are not following "the narrative of Jesus" as much as we are listening to, meditating upon and pondering the Wisdom Sayings and graced Actions of Jesus. In the readings this weekend, we find the theme and image of a leader. We expect our leaders to have personal magnetism, a clear sense of purpose and an aura of power. We simply presume good intentions. Our readings today highlight the magnetism, purpose, and power of a leader who is all-good. The readings charge us to recognize him and to follow.


Parish Update

06-03-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

The longer days of sunlight and the increasing, but the still inconsistent warmth makes our days so much easier in so many and various ways, although there is much more to do now that the ice and bitter cold have departed. In addition, the speed at which everything takes place is unbelievable. From watching HGTV, folks seem to be convinced that everything in life takes only one half hour, or at worst one whole hour! You can renovate an entire home without dirt and dust and have it finished in 60 minutes! Not weeks not months or one year, but mere minutes! Besides the huge social issue we have, that unfortunately so many things have to happen at the same time and thus no one can be in two or three places at one time. As you are aware, choosing to say "yes" to someone and their event, often means saying "no" to someone else's also very important event. I find as my family moves down through the generations of family with the additions of in-laws and their in-laws with all their very important commitments and schedules of family celebrations and events, it gets harder and harder to be able to go to all the family events.