Health Ministry

Meeting Times
First Monday of the month, at 10:00 a.m.
Meeting Location
Olive Branch Room
Meeting Location

St. Mary Health Ministry, an outreach of St. Mary Parish, is rooted in the compassionate witness of Jesus and the belief that our ministry is guided by a vision which is Gospel-centered, inclusive of all peoples, and based on the holistic philosophy that the individual is an integrated whole—body, mind, and spirit.

Our goals are simple:

  • To have the Health Ministry integrated into the mission of the Church.
  • To provide opportunities for parishioners to recognize and address their health needs.
  • To offer health-related programs and work in collaboration with and provide support to other parish ministries.
  • To provide a liaison role in connecting parishioners to community resources and services.

Examples of activities or ministry’s work:

Healthy eating programs, heart education programs, end of life issues, health insert in bulletins, assist with Anointing Masses—2x a year

Time commitment for a member:

10 meetings a year—help with programs

Who is eligible to join:

Anyone interested in promoting health