Confirmation Small Group Leader Position

As one of the foundational cornerstones in our Confirmation program, the Small-Group Leader program and position establish an environment for open dialogue and discussions conducted by the program’s teens. This position will assist our Confirmation program by helping our young people discover they are in their faith journey and then assist them in identifying where God is calling them to be.

Participation in small-group discussions is critical in getting teens or adults engaged in a topic. Teens have especially felt more comfortable having open conversations with their peers, rather than a catechist or even a parent. We recognize that there are always leaders among a group of teens who are not afraid to lead a group in a discussion. We believe these peer-to-peer discussions will help a Confirmation candidate make sense of his or her life’s journey and the genius of the Catholic faith.


Open to any teen registered and attending the St. Mary’s Confirmation preparation program. We require up to 20 positions in each Confirmation year. As there is a limited number of SGL positions, those who have completed the training will receive priority for one of the SGL positions. If by chance, not enough SGLs sign up for the role, the Confirmation Director (CD) will select involuntary SGLs to lead some groups.

General Responsibility

Lead a group of 6 – 8 peers in periodic discussions via Zoom®. The SGL will be responsible for scheduling, initiating, and leading a 15-30-minute call 12 times during the year.

No adult will be present for these calls, nor will the calls be recorded, but each group member will be responsible for specific takeaways from each discussion, which they will turn in as part of each lesson.

Benefits of the Position

SGLs that have successfully met the SGL requirements will receive Works Points for their efforts. SGLs selected due to lack of volunteer SGLs will not be eligible for SGL Works Points until they commit to the position.

SGLs will receive 1 point each time they serve as an SGL. For a full year of service, an SGL will receive a total of 12 Works Points (of the program-required 24 points), which means that by serving as an SGL for Confirmation 1 and 2, a candidate will have satisfied the Works of Mercy requirement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Full participation in the Confirmation Preparation Program, including timely submission of all self-study work, engaging in all parent conversations, and fulfillment of all his or her duties as an SGL
  2. Set up Zoom® call with all group members. Zoom call can take place anytime between the upload of a new lesson and the due date to submit materials from that lesson (typically 1-4 weeks)
  3. Obtain text-message contact-information for all group members to maintain contact between sessions
  4. Keep a record of which group members were present for the call. Submit this information, along with the date, time, and duration of the call using the specified online form.
  5. Facilitate discussions according to the instructions given in the uploaded lesson document(s)
  6. Control and maintain order and focus of their group. Once mandatory discussions have taken place, SGLs may allow unrelated conversations to take place
  7. Ensure that all group members are aware of the time of the next meeting before each meeting ends. Send a reminder approximately one day, and another one hour before each discussion
  8. Make a strong effort to attend Mass each weekend with their family

Training / Meetings

  1. Attend an SGL Training Session via Zoom®, which will include a walkthrough of a typical discussion. Receive and agree to all requirements, duties, and responsibilities designated on a 2020 SGL Charter (see below).
  2. Attend an out-briefing meeting at the end of the year. Complete a Confirmation program survey and participate in group discussions on the survey results. Receive documentation of the Works of Mercy program for performing the SGL position

SGL Charter

The purpose of the SGL Charter is to provide the Small Group Leader (SGL) with the general and detailed responsibilities necessary to achieve the intended goals of the Small Group Program successfully. By signing this charter, each SGL is making a personal commitment to themselves to faithfully and consciously execute the requirements contained within the charter.