Confirmation Small Group Leader Position

As one of our foundational cornerstones in the Confirmation program, the Small Group Leader Program and Position is provided to establish an environment for open dialogue and discussions lead by the young adults. This element will allow our program to meet our young people where they are and leading them to where God is calling them to be.

Participation in small group discussions is critical in getting young adults engaged in a topic. Teens have especially felt more comfortable having open discussions with their peers and not a catechist or parent. We have also recognized that there are always leaders among a group of young adults; not afraid to voice their opinion or lead a group in a discussion. We believe these peer discussions among themselves will help the Confirmation Candidates make sense of their life's journey and the genius of their Catholic faith.


Open to any youth registered and attending the St. Mary’s Confirmation Preparation Program. Up to 15 positions will be required to be filled in each Confirmation Session. If not enough SGLs sign up for the position, SGLs will be selected at class by the Confirmation Director (CD).

General Responsibility

Lead a table of 6 – 10 classmates through classroom discussions, questions and other assignments.

Benefits of the Position

SGLs that have successfully met the SGL requirements will receive Works Points for their time in training, meetings and classes. The CD will have the final say in the hours credited for each class. SGLs selected at class, due to lack of volunteer SGLs, will not be eligible for Service Hours until they commit to the position.

SGLs will receive 1 point for every hour trained and served as a SGL. A total of 12 points of required 20 points awarded. That means by serving as a SGL for Confirmation 1 and 2, a student will have satisfied the program's Works of Mercy and Service requirement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attendance at all classes. If granted an excused absence by the CD, select a substitute SGL at the class prior to the class the youth will be absent.
  2. Arrive 30 mins before the start of class to setup their assigned table’s resources.
  3. Take attendance as group members arrive.
  4. Facilitate discussions and exercises during class.
  5. Facilitate discussions on Works of Mercy and Service performed. Receive reports of Works Hours completed by the group when requested by the CD.
  6. Control and maintain order of their group. Draw CD’s attention when a group member is disorderly.
  7. Clean-up and store their table’s resources 10 mins after the end of class.
  8. Make a concerted effort to attend the 5 – 6 pm Youth Mass. Confirmation 1 attends after class, Confirmation 2 attends prior to class.
  9. SGLs to provide their personal AND family email address to the CD for between session communications.
  10. Obtain email addresses / social media contact information for all group members to maintain contact between sessions.

Training / Meetings

  1. Attend a SGL Training Session. Receive and agree to all requirements, duties and responsibilities designated on a SGL Charter (see below). Walk-through a typical class.
  2. Attend an Out Briefing Meeting. Complete a Confirmation Program Survey and participate on group discussions on the survey results. Receive documentation of the Works of Mercy and Service for performing the SGL position.

SGL Charter

The purpose of the SGL Charter is to provide the Small Group Leader (SGL) with the general and detailed responsibilities necessary to successfully achieve the intended purpose of the Small Group Program. By signing this Charter, each SGL is making a personal commitment to themselves to faithfully and consciously execute on the requirements contained within the Charter.