Pray for the Pope's Intentions

02-11-2022Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

During this past week I read in two articles in unrelated journals that a distinctive element of English culture is that the English people can chat forever about weather. I guess as a New Englander who obviously is indirectly influenced by that originating dominant culture, I clearly share that characteristic as my weekly letters often chat a bit about weather! To break the pattern or mold, no mention of weather this week!

Just to advise you, there are still emails that get sent allegedly from me asking you to either send banking information or apple cards or another type of debit card with money stored in it. These emails are not from me. Just delete them from your emails as they could have a computer virus. These anonymous senders are attempting to defraud you. You do not need to forward the email to me as you can probably sending along a virus at the same time. I get them from all sorts of people almost everyday, often from parishioners who have had their email address hacked. I simply delete them.

Leo Racine, our Pastoral Associate is involved in offering a ZOOM Program called “Sacred Land…”. It is based upon the theology and principles found in Pope Francis’ Laudatio Si. The program is offered via ZOOM. It starts February 22, Sunday from 7:00-9:00pm. You can get all the details from our bulletin which is on our website.

We now publish the monthly Prayer Intention of Pope Francis each week in our bulletin. I know many of you say special prayers at home each day and I ask you to include this intention in your personal prayers.

Our Weekly 7:00pm Monday Night Rosary continues on ZOOM and everyone is welcome to participate. Our Men’s Spirituality Group will be meeting in person and via ZOOM on Saturday February 19 at 8:45am. Details found on the website.

Our Women’s Spirituality Program will be meeting on Saturday February 12 at 9:30 AM in person in the hall on the church’s lower level or via ZOOM. Details are also on the website.

Our Women’s Club which is celebrating its 100th Year has a exciting program planned for its meeting on Thursday, February 17 at 7:00pm in our hall on the lower church level with a guest speaker Julie Ackles Frias from Life Expressions Décor. Please email Rose O’Koren at: about attending. Details also on our website and in the bulletin.

Our Saint Vincent’s is grateful to you for bringing in the needed items for their work. Each week the bulletin has a section which lists the items that they are in short supply for that month. I am also most grateful to you for your faithful financial support of our Parish and its holy work. You online financial support, mail and drop-in envelopes and your contributions in the baskets at the front doors of the church help keep us going. Gas and electric bills are massively higher this year and your personal support helps all of our Parish to function. Thank you.

May Mary, the Mother of God and our Patroness intercede for us. May Saint Rocco, our Intercessor and our Special Patron intercede for those who are sick in mind, body or soul and most especially our young.

God bless,
Father Brian