Noon Mass

09-09-2021Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Mary's,

This weekend, we launch the NOON time Sunday Mass. Even though our numbers do not support this, I think it is best to put it in place. Of course, this is the weekend where it is necessary to block off Main Street beside our Town Common for the Cultural Festival so that everything is even more complicated! But that is life. This weekend going forward our Saturday/Sunday Masses will now include the second reading and the recitation of our Creed. We will also have the bulletin available for you at the tables at the front lobby of the church for you to take home. The same information is also available on our website (

We are prudently and cautiously restoring many of the customs of our Sunday Masses. Please bear in mind that if you do not feel safe in coming to Mass, it is right to stay home. Perhaps you can watch our Masses (every Saturday/Sunday Mass is Livestreamed at – then press the button for Livestream). We will not be returning to the custom of “passing the basket for collections”, the collection will continue as baskets on the tables at the upstairs doors of the church. We are moving forward in this phase of the Pandemic, but with good common sense. You are welcome to wear a mask and you are welcome to sit in the socially distanced section of the church (the Main Street side). We follow the Protocols and Guidelines of the State and the Archdiocese. You are welcome whenever you show up! As I have previously written and said, “we will be here when you are here.”

Coming up soon is the Annual Saint Vincent Walk for the Poor. Please consider participating by walking and having sponsor/pledges or simply by pledging. Consider having your family as a walking group or your social group. Please see our website for all the details. Are you aware that on Monday nights we have a special ZOOM Rosary which you can participate in? Deacon Guy is the Moderator for this wonderful spiritual moment. You can get all the details for it by emailing him at: .

It is stunning for me and most people to realize that the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is this Saturday. Please remember to pray for those who died as victims and for their families who mourn their loss to this very day. We must also say a special prayer of thanksgiving for all the emergency personnel of police, fire and medical, clergy and bystanders who without concern for their own safety or well-being came to the aid of the thousands who were in need. We have a full generation of young people who were not alive at the time of this event. Time may help to a certain degree to heal the heart, but we must always remember to be thankful for those who helped in this time of crisis.

The Archdiocese has issued a Directive that Religious Education for Young People may not start in person until after October 1st. We are asking parents to begin their program at home with their child(ren) and Karen Ackles will email you for when you should come to the Center over at the school building. I know that she is in constant communication via email with parents so I will not repeat unnecessary details here.

Our new part-time Pastoral Associate, Leo Racine, has begun his service here this past week. You can reach him at: 508-528-0020 ext: 13 or by email at  I am asking him to focus on Prayer/Communion Services for our 4 residential facilities (nursing home/assisted living). He will be finding out their protocols and their expectations and then look for volunteers to assist. He will also be the Safety Officer for the Parish and be responsible for CORI’s, Protecting God’s Children and the Code of Behavior Programs, processes and paperwork and Official Keeper of the Records. He will be working with other professional staff and volunteers who are trained in various areas of Safety. Slowly he will begin the Homebound Ministry.

In our Prayer of the Faithful at Mass this weekend, we will be remembering the victims and the surviving families and friends of 9/11. We also take comfort in knowing that Mary, the Mother of God is the special Patroness and Intercessor for us. Our beloved Saint Rocco brings our prayers of healing to our God. Remember, we pray especially for the young of our parish who are ill.

Enjoy the week … and God bless … Father Brian