Starting Back Up

07-22-2021Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

Another week of summer has rolled by us all; I hope you have taken some time for your family and friends. As you are aware, the summer really does not go all the way through Labor Day as it did in ‘the old days”. Nationally colleges and universities start in mid to late August and also most New England town and city educational systems begin just a few days before Labor Day. So I remind you, as well as I remind myself, make your family and friends a priority in the remaining weeks of summer.

After Labor Day we will begin in a structured, consistent and thoughtful manner to re-start our parish ministries and services. At present each week our church attendance increases, but realistically it will be a long stretch of time before we reach our new “average” attendance. Our Mass schedule will reflect the growth of attendance. The Pandemic variants and the resulting complications will cause a wave of ripples which will limit voluntary church attendance. I understand why people make the considered decision to wait to return. We will be here when they are ready to be here. The Live-Streaming for Saturday/Sunday Masses has been a wonderful resource for folks. This was quite costly to install, lots of labor hours pulling the wires through an old building with all sort of high tech equipment and widgets to be purchased, but it was and is the right and proper pastoral decision. With the creative model we will be using for Religious Education for Young People this coming school year, I expect our parents will be pleased. Registration is open right now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for parents to register via our website. Spread the news. It closes mid-August until later September so that those who registered on time can be put into program properly. Late registrants get what is possible, not what is preferred. Sadly because of the vandalism inside our school building and outside on our barn, we have had to purchase a very costly camera security system with a full time monitoring assistance. It is an expense that tipped the balance of our finances this past fiscal year.

I am grateful to those of you who contribute to our Saint Vincent’s and our Parish of Saint Mary. Both the holy work of Saint Mary’s and the service to the fragile and needy by St. V’s are a result of your considered decision to support us. Thank you.

This year, August 15, the Feast of Mary’s Assumption into heaven is on a Sunday. How wonderful it will be to honor Mary, our Patroness, with great devotion at our weekend Masses! Saint Rocco, our special Patron, intercedes for all of us who are sick in mind, body or soul. May he intercede in a special way for the young people of our Parish who are ill. “Saint Rocco, pray for them and ask God’s special grace be upon them.”

God bless,

Father Brian