Weather Changes

09-18-2020Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

Pride prevented me from turning on the heat this morning when I saw that the indoor temperature had dropped to below 60 iu the Rectory. These few mornings of coolness can make us think that there is no more summer weather to arrive. This is, however, New England and some heat will surely return. Hopefully the heating season starts closer to early November. One of the Almanacs that people read says we will have a snowy winter, another says the opposite. None of us “control the weather” although we must pay attention and respond to the Climate Change crisis throughout the world.

Our Confirmation Ceremonies last weekend were profoundly spiritual and beautiful. They are available on our You-tube Channel (St. Mary’s Franklin Live Streaming) for you to see. The Saturday 4 PM is now presently live-streamed and then by the next day available on our You-tube channel. You can easily gain access to viewing Mass on Saturday at 4 PM by going to our website and clicking on the “Watch Live stream Now” button. Later, often up to the next day after the Livestream has migrated to our You-tube Channel, you can find it there; again go to our website and click Watch previous Masses. I suggest that when you go to the You-tube Channel, you click subscribe when you come to our channel and then on it will be easier for you.

Our Religious Education Programs are coming along. Staff and Catechists are busy preparing the materials and also the Zoom or Webinar Meetings. Karen Ackles is developing a remote book based Program with some Zoom/Webinars which will make the involvement of parents quite easy and also enrich our young people with faith development. Stephen May, the new Director of Confirmation, has prepared an outstanding Program for our Confirmation. It is not a good idea to skip faith development for our young people this year because of the COVID Pandemic. If ever, all of us need to focus ourselves and center God in our lives. Certainly faith and spirituality can help carry us through all these difficult days and we need to help our young people develop a faith centered life.

Saint Vincent de Paul has been most active and its work is growing each week. Our website has a list of items which they need. They also are responding. to more and more people who are having trouble with basic bills and expenses. The Annual Saint Vincent de Paul Walk for the Poor is virtual this year. All the details about it are on our website at the top in the scrolling flyer. This walk has always raised significant money for them to use as Fall and Winter closes in. Please look at their website information and request and help if you can.

Our Parish Masses are slowly but steadily growing in numbers. People who attend (Saturday: 4 PM (also Livestreamed; Sunday 7:30 and 10:30 AM) all say that the Mass is spiritual, reverent and safe. We are staging up on our Livestreaming and will have the Sunday 10:30 Livestreamed starting next Sunday, September 27. As you are aware I prefer consistent steady progress then high erratic drama. We make less mistakes if we make progress consistently with thoughtful deliberation, and as a result we make less errors.

Your faithful contributions to our Parish online or by mail or drop through the door slot help us to continue our Holy Work and Mission. I personally am most appreciative of your faithful support.

Our Parish which is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God has a powerful Intercessor in heaven for us. We are also so blessed to have Saint Rocco as our special Patron. He cared for, protected and bought healing to the ill of mind, body and spirit during the Black Death Plague so many centuries ago. He also cares, protects and brings healing to all of us now in these days.

God bless,
Father Brian