Our Greatest Treasure

07-30-2017Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning
Our Parish's Legion of Mary just gave me a copy of their report to the Central Administration (Norwood Curia) of their activities of the last six months. Their work is very quiet and not easily seen, but it is great in its effect. Did you know that in the last six months the members made 243 home visits to homebound people. They faithfully conduct Rosary Prayer Services at Forge Hill Complex, the Estate and Franklin Health Care Center? They help with the monthly transition of the Parish's Vocation Cross. They also provide the Rosaries that are available at the door of the Church for one and all. They also assist at the special Mass each month at the Franklin Health Care Center. There are many other moments and hours given in faithful service and prayer to the vulnerable and needy in our Parish. They, in addition, provided a beautiful luncheon and Healing Mass of Anointing at Central Park Terrace last April. We thank God for the blessings of these faithful people. They meet in each Monday in the Olive Branch Room on the Church's lower level to pray and get organized. If you are interested in joining them, please call the Rectory 508 528 0020 and we will give them a message to call and connect with you. Or come on by at mid-day.READ MORE

Kindness, mercy and acceptance are the way of God

07-23-2017Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

When we hear or read this section from the Book of Wisdom, it is very obvious to anyone that God's supremacy is clear. Simply put, God is all-knowing, just, and powerful. As a result of this omniscient God, all of our hearts, thoughts, and actions are clear to God before we even know them. Note that even with incomprehensible power, God is patient. The words of Wisdom show us how God tempers justice with mercy and how God's actions teach us to be patient, fair, and hopeful. This passage of the Book of Wisdom offers some great wisdom to all of us.