"With One Voice" Capital Campaign

Parish News

We are pleased to announce that to date, we have raised over $1,185,000 We are close to our goal of raising $1,200,000!

The capital campaign will allow us to install a full capacity elevator for those with mobility issues. Additionally, we will create accessible restrooms and a food service area in the lower church.

Our campaign has been conducted on the basis of equal sacrifice, not equal giving. All pledges and one-time donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Campaign Pledge Reminders

Pledge reminders will be mailed to parishioners who pledged to the capital campaign. Monthly reminders will be mailed at the beginning of each month. Quarterly reminders will be sent each January, April, July and October. Semi-Annual will be sent January and July. Annual reminders will be mailed each December (allowing for year-end gifts). You may also make payments at your convenience or on the anniversary of your pledge.

Please be sure to include your payment coupon along with your check to ensure proper credit to the capital campaign. If there is an error with your statement, please make a note of it and your account will be updated.