Updates from Fr. Brian

10-28-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

Church Building: The construction on the new improvements for the church building continues along at a steady pace. I think each week you can notice how steadily that the work is happening. Two weeks ago the steel support for the addition was erected. Did you see the 100 foot crane outside the church? Downstairs the bathrooms and food preparation areas are coming along. The trenching for pipes and the rough wiring and plumbing are complete. Many of the walls have now been enclosed.


The Mark of Greatness is Service

10-21-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

In the generation before me, traditional service roles such as maids, butlers, housekeepers, chauffeurs, cooks and other assorted household helpers did not pay well. Many other service positions did not either, such as waiter or waitresses, counter servers, hotel workers and variety of other similar type roles. Historically service jobs did not pay well. Today, thank god, some of these positions do pay well. Unions, lack of workers, or a sense of justice at times have changed the salaries of some of these roles. Not all, however, are great paying positions.


How Can Someone Give Up Everything

10-14-2018Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Brian F. Manning

Have you ever on occasion been in a store when you hear and see someone being outrageously demanding or abusive to a clerk? Have you ever been embarrassed by someone when he or she has been arrogant and snobby to the person waiting on your table. Do you know someone who has never used the words “Thank you” to anyone, including yourself? I have occasionally thought that a particular person who has so much confidence does not match his or her public performance. Please note this is not about healthy self-esteem, but more of hubris and overconfidence.


Saint Rocco, Pray for Us!

10-05-2018Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

This weekend is another special moment in our Parish history and life. At the 4:00pm Mass on this Sat, Oct 6th, we celebrate a special Mass of Thanksgiving for the graces, received through the intercession of Saint Rocco and also pray for our deceased Priests, Volunteers and Benefactors as we mark a close to the “in the field” part of our annual Feast in Honor of Saint Rocco. There is also a Reception to follow at the Guidry Center at Dean College.