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Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality


Ushers provide our parish with a variety of meaningful services. Among the more common and obvious services are: welcome both parishioners and visitors to our beloved church. Ushers assist people in locating available seating during crowded liturgical ceremonies. Ushers take up the offertory and special collections. Because of our direct contact with people of all ages, personalities and dispositions, we are also referred to as Ministers of Hospitality.

We try to service parishioners and visitors with kindness, compassion, and reverence, as is appropriate in the House of God.

Name of ministry or group: Ushers / Ministers of Hospitality

Meeting days and times: Vigil and Sunday Masses, Holy Days of Obligation

Location of meetings: Saint Mary’s Church

Total number of members: 6 per Mass (6 weekend Masses) = 36 regular, plus replacements

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: Assist with offertory and special collections. Assist people who may require help

Time commitment for a member: Few minutes before and after the duration of Mass

Who is eligible to join: Practicing Catholics - male or female - in good health

Contact person: Bob Catalano

Title / Position: Head Usher
Phone: 508-528-0165




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