Front of Church and Rectory June 2017

Rosary Devotion


Conducted by Our Lady of Grace Praesidium Legion of Mary


Name of ministry or group: Rosary Devotion, conducted by Our Lady of Grace Praesidium, Legion of Mary

Meeting days and times: Wednesday at 11am

Location of meetings: Olive Branch Room

Total number of members: 7 active, 75 auxiliaries

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: The Rosary is recited every morning before the 9:00 a.m. Mass. Every month, the Rosary is led at Forge Hill Assisted Living, Franklin Healthcare, Sunbridge, and Maples, and at a wake if the family requests the rosary to be prayed.

Time commitment for a member: The weekly meeting and 2 hours of definite work

Who is eligible to join: All Catholics who faithfully practice their religion

Contact person: Kay Tero
Title / Position: President

Phone: Rectory (508-528-0020)



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