Front of Church and Rectory June 2017

Prayer Shawl Ministry


Prayer shawls are wrapped around the seriously ill, their caregivers, people undergoing treatments and medical procedures of all kinds. The bereaved grief stricken and people suffering personal loss of any kind have benefited from them. The shawls are also made for weddings, births, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. The prayer shawl is a wonderful way to show love to those we care about.

The individual who creates the shawl prays for the recipient while it is being made. In addition the recipients are remembered at our meetings. Each shawl has a label and a prayer card is included with the shawl.

Name of ministry or group: Prayer Shawl Ministry

Meeting days and times: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10:00 a.m.–12 noon

Location of meetings: Sacred Heart Hall

Total number of members: 15, 2 homebound

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: See above

Time commitment for a member: At your own pace

Who is eligible to join: Everyone is welcome. We have 2 members who have learned to knit since joining us.

Contact person: Helen Hastry

Phone: 508-528-0104




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