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Pastoral Visitation (Sick and Homebound)


Pastoral Visitors visit and may bring Holy Communion to our homebound parishioners in Franklin, the sick at Milford Hospital, and the residents at Franklin House Healthcare.

The essence of this ministry is to listen and respond, to share prayer and sacrament, and to make present God’s love and the Church’s care to those in need.

This is an opportunity and privilege to serve Jesus by ministering to those who are hurting, sick and suffering.

Initial and on-going education and support will be provided. To learn more about this special ministry, contact Nancy Rafter, Coordinator of Health and Homebound Ministry, at 508-528-0020.

Pastoral Visitors are Eucharistic Ministers who go out and visit the sick and homebound. There are more than 50 visitors who minister in homes, Franklin Nursing Home, and at Milford Hospital on a weekly basis.

Home visitation includes bringing the Holy Eucharist and bringing parish community out from the church into the home. They also provide respite and friendly visitation when needed.

Hospital visitation includes two Pastoral visitors who visit the sick at a local hospital weekly and bring the Holy Eucharist.

Nursing Home visitation includes weekly Eucharistic services and individual visitation to the residents.

Ongoing education and support is provided.

What do we feel good about this ministry?
“Visiting, sharing Holy Communion, and being present to those in need bring us closer to God and others through His presence.”

“It is an honor to visit those who are homebound and bring Holy Communion and the love Jesus to them. It is a wonderful way to let them know that they are an important part of our parish community and we care about them.”

Name of ministry or group: Pastoral Visitation to the Sick and Homebound

Meeting days and times: 2x a year-evening

Location of meetings: Sacred Heart Hall

Total number of members: 47

Time commitment for a member: One year

Who is eligible to join: Anyone interested in bringing Eucharist into the community

Contact person: Nan Rafter

Title / Position: Pastoral Associate


Phone: 508-528-0020


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