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Parish Pastoral Council


The Council is a pastoral commission, created to relate the needs of the parish to the pastor. They act in an advisory role to the various ministries, maintain a current mission statement for the church, and work on other projects as needed. Members of the Council represent the different constituencies of the church. All meetings are open meetings. For more information, please call Fr. Brian F. Manning at

Any parishioner may attend the Parish Pastoral Council meetings as an observer.

Parish Council Members

Fr. Brian F. Manning - Pastor
Fr. Jack Sullivan - Parochial Vicar
Fr. Chris Bae - Parochial Vicar
Nan Rafter - Pastoral Associate / Parish Nurse
Karen Ackles
Dolores Brunelli
Cheryl Crowley
Christopher Feeley
Faith Flaherty
Michelle Hardesty
Timothy Hurdelbrink
Terry Kerr
Christine Landry
Lisa Oxford
John Ristaino
Lorraine Schratz
Paul Sullivan
Michael Swan
Roberta Trahan

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