Front of Church and Rectory June 2017

Envelope Stuffers


We call on the stuffers when we have an all-parish mailing that needs to be assembled. The work is done at home and can be delivered and picked up. This is a great ministry for someone who is homebound but wants to stay involved in the parish.

Name of ministry or group: Envelope Stuffers

Meeting days and times: None

Location of meetings: Your home

Total number of members: Varies

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: Putting labels and mailing seals on The Weave, putting labels on envelopes for mailings for St. Rocco or other all-parish mailings

Time commitment for a member: We call 6-7 times per year, hoping you can finish the work in 2-3 days.

Who is eligible to join: Anyone; especially those who can’t get out to meetings but want to remain involved in the parish

Contact person: Paula Coughlin

Title / Position: Office Manager


Phone: 508-528-0020




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