Front of Church and Rectory June 2017

Child Abuse Prevention Team


The Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) team is a safe environment program which is connected to the Archdiocese of Boston’s Office for Child Advocacy Program. CAP teams provide training to support mandated and non-mandated reports in their parishes, provide guidance concerning reporting procedures, and act as liaisons from each parish to the Office for Child Advocacy.

CAP team members are Pandora Carlucci, Thomas Curran, Frank Fiorillo, Joyce Anguish, and Nan Rafter.

Name of ministry or group: Child Abuse Prevention Team

Total number of members: 5 members

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: Provide VIRTUS training in fall and as needed

Time commitment for a member: CAP team members are given initial training through the Archdiocese of Boston, then ongoing online training

Who is eligible to join: Anyone interested in helping to educate our volunteers about how to protect our children

Contact person: Nan Rafter

Title / Position: Pastoral Associate


Phone: 508-528-0020




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