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Altar & Sanctuary Care Ministry


Members of the Altar & Sanctuary Care Ministry fill an essential and behind the scenes role in the preparation and celebration of the Eucharist at St. Mary’s Parish. We work in teams of 2 once a week for one month, twice a year. We have “polishing parties” twice a year to keep the communion sets clean and shiny. The group meets in the sacristy for this.

Name of ministry or group: Altar & Sanctuary Care Ministry

Meeting days and times: Occasional meetings

Location of meetings: Sacred Heart Hall

Total number of members: 21

Examples of activities or ministry’s work: We work in teams 2. Some of us who like to iron take care of the altar linens. Others do light housekeeping (dusting/polishing) for the altars, sanctuary, two sacristies furniture, small tables at the front of the church, as well as top of radiators and confessionals. We have a group who polish the pews to keep them clean and neat—2x year. CCD helps with this.

Time commitment for a member: Cleaning is few hours a week for 1 month, about twice a year. For the ironing two months a year;  linens get picked up once a week; volume depends on the season. Schedules are made up to your preference.

Who is eligible to join: Anyone who enjoys ironing or would like to spend quiet time in church while cleaning or doing light housekeeping

Contact person: Cathy Pokorny
Title / Position: Group Leader
Phone: 508-346-3015 e-mail




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