July 4th, 2017

St. Mary's Religious Education

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Welcome to St. Mary's Religious Education Home Page

If you are interested in enrolling children or volunteering to assist in one of many different aspects of the program, please call the Religious Education Office at 508-528-1450 or email us at:

Karen Ackles (Grades 1 - 8) at reled.director@stmarysfranklin.org
Roger Gullo (Confirmation 1 & 2) at confirmation.director@stmarysfranklin.org

For More Information:

Link to Grades 1 - 8 page.
Link to Confirmation 1 & 2 page.

Religious Education Staff:

Karen Ackles, Directorreled.director@stmarysfranklin.org
Roger Gullo, Confirmation Director: confirmation.director@stmarysfranklin.org
Liz Bertoni, Secretaryreled.secretary@stmarysfranklin.org
Paula Baker, Registration: reled.registration@stmarysfranklin.org

Religious Ed. Collection for Troops 2  Religious Ed. Collection for Troops 1


Grades 1 - 8 page  >>>

Religious Education

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