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St. Mary's Religious Education

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Educational instruction is available for children in grades 1 through 10. This is a very large program, serving almost 2900 students.
If you are interested in enrolling children or volunteering to assist in one of many different aspects of the program, please call the Religious Education Office at 508-528-1450 or email us at:

Karen Ackles at

Roger Gullo at

2015 / 2016 Religious Ed. Schedules are posted at the right.


Attention Grade One Parents:

Religious Education for First Communion is a two-year program which usually corresponds with the child’s first and second grades in school, but can also correspond with the child’s second and third grade in school, depending on when they are initially registered. The first year, the students complete the book at home with their parents following our schedule. The second year, the students attend classes at the Parish Center (across from the church). more >>>

For more information, please call the Religious Education Office at 508-528-1450.



Information for Private Catholic High School Students more >>>

Confirmation Sponsors:

Confirmation 1 Students must choose a Confirmation Sponsor. It is very important that when you choose a Sponsor you follow the Archdiocese of Boston Confirmation Guidelines included in the Confirmation Sponsor Form. Please print out this form and return it to the Religious Education Office.

Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor >>>
Confirmation Sponsor Form >>>

Community Service Hours:

Our Confirmation Program is a two-year program usually completed in grades 9&10.  All Confirmation students will be required to complete 20 hours of service before they receive the sacrament of Confirmation.  The service information will be recorded on our service log.  It will be the student’s responsibility to record and maintain the hours.  Once completed, they can be submitted to our office (201 Main St.).

Some examples of Community Service are:
 --Helping out in the schools
 --Helping out in Religious Education
 --Helping out at St. Mary’s Church
 --Helping out at a nursing home
 --Helping out at the library
 --Helping out at the Senior Center
 --Helping out with St. Vincent de Paul

Community Service Log for Confirmation >>>

Religious Education Staff:

Karen Ackles,
Roger Gullo, Confirmation Director:
Liz Bertoni,
Patricia Murphy, Secretary/Registration:

Religious Ed. Collection for Troops 2  Religious Ed. Collection for Troops 1


Religious Education

2015 / 2016 Schedules

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